Returning to work

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Returning to work

Hi All,

I left a career behind over 3 years ago out of necessity. I have struggled and still struggle with major depression, infertility and anxiety. Socially isolated besides having a very supportive husband who I'm extremely grateful for. I'm also grateful to be sober 1+ year now :-). My question is how do you explain a years long resume gap? This is a great source of anxiety for me, and I have this kind of catastrophizing way of thinking like "each day, week, month, year goes by without a job the more impossible it will be for me to find one when I'm ready".

My plan is to continue with my education (that is what I have been slowly working on) and in the new year find a volunteer position to help fill that resume gap with something meaningful and also to get out of the house and maybe help other people. Any words of experience, advice, encouragement?
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No advice- in same boat- actually a ship. But encouragement and prayers.
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Hi sixtyfour

I think many people have gaps in their resume to do with illness, taking care of kids, study, retrenchment unemployment etc.

I wouldn't worry overly about this

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I second Dee. Taking time to work on things in your personal life often exhibits a maturity to those who would hire. Be proud of your progress :-)
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Volunteering would be a good way to get your feet wet again, and also get some references.
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Thank you everyone for your responses - you've helped me put this into perspective!
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