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ever had blackouts -- if so -- when did they start ?


ever had blackouts -- if so -- when did they start ?

Old 10-21-2016, 05:56 AM
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I remember the panic of running downstairs to make sure I had put the bottle away before the family awoke for breakfast. Always a great conversation starter with my wife, leaving a bottle out for the kids to see. Also explaining how that bottle emptied itself after the family had gone to bed. Oh the life of a secret drinker.
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Old 10-21-2016, 01:11 PM
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No blackouts, although in the last few months I did have occasions that came close to brownouts. As always, progressive as it is, I'm sure I would have gotten there.

Most of the time, I never wanted to reach the point of obviously getting drunk. In fact, I hated that feeling. I wanted to catch the buzz, and stay on it without falling off the edge. Five times (something like that) a year something happened (I forgot to eat, had an argument, flu...) I got drunk, which felt as a failure (in hindsight, how ridiculous to make that distinction...). As soon as I felt drunk, I stopped drinking and went to bed, hoping the room would stop spinning soon. I don't think I ever got to the stage of being blind drunk.

Of course, to keep that buzz going against the ever increasing tolerance meant I gradually needed over a liter of whisky a day, every day, which meant those actual "accidental" drunk days also got more frequent, despite all my efforts to control it. I could feel that control - which was a lie anyway - slipping away. Booze had won, I lost, and needed to quit.

And what a relief it is to no longer having to play that crazy game.
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Old 10-23-2016, 11:51 PM
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During the worst of my nightly drinking I blacked out three to four nights a week. I only drank at home. I'd wake up to find half cooked, half eaten food. Doors open, lights on, car unlocked, laptop on the porch, I'd have no memory of the evening after a certain point.

My phone showed calls I didn't remember, some lasting a long time. Facebook posts I didn't remember. Emails I didn't remember.
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Old 10-24-2016, 07:27 AM
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I had black outs from the very start
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Old 10-24-2016, 01:03 PM
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I had frequent blackouts going back to when I was 16-18 range. Once I progressed to drinking daily, they happened every day/night.
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Old 10-26-2016, 04:41 PM
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Only once. I was about 15 at a friend's house and he was giving me cocktails with spirits in (I never drank spirits, only beer and occasionally wine). The last thing I remember was not being drunk, then I smoked a joint and remember waking up the next morning upstairs asleep on his bedroom floor.

To this day it is the only time I've ever blacked out. I have never really understood why it happened that one time and never again.
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Old 10-26-2016, 04:53 PM
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I blacked out the first times I drank at 15. At the end of my drinking I blacked out every time I drank. 16 months sober and glad to be done with blackouts. I don't miss them at all.
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