I'm Proud of Me

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I'm Proud of Me

Yesterday, I got hit with a trigger and recognized it, as such. Then, I was driving home and needed to pick up something for dinner. As I got closer to the grocery store my AV started talking. We had, about a 30 second, conversation. I won the debate and was confident that I could shop without buying alcohol. Once the AV was quiet, I realized that it would rear it's ugly head again, the second I was actually in the store. Without another thought, I pulled into a fast food drive through and got food to take home.

I know from previous experience, that it won't always be like this. But for now, paying attention to the triggers AND seeing how the tricks of the AV have tripped me up in the past are important. I'm not going to let that happen again.

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Great work Auggie, and thanks for sharing. It does clearly demonstrate that when we do positive work towards our sobriety we DO have a choice in how things happen. Congrats on making a good choice!
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Way to go Auggie
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wtg Auggie, you showed it who's boss. Smart play. I bought all my groceries between midnight and 7am the first couple of weeks.
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Nice job! I think sometimes as alcoholics we don't use simple logic in maintaining our sobriety. Looks like that exactly what you did. Simple choices can go a long way in saving your life with alcoholism.
Thanks for sharing.
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Good job!
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thats great Auggie

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Good job, Auggie! It's better to choose a work-around dinner as you did, than 'hope' that you can make it through the grocery store.
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Take that Trigger!
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Great work, Auggie. You're so right - it won't stay this way. I was quite fragile early on - but everything changed as I grew more confident. You're doing this!
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I'm proud of you to Auggie!
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