POSITIVE traits of a recovered alcoholic?

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The best thing about recovery for me is the ability to think things through rather than acting impulsively. Usually, it was impulsive drinking that would start a binge and ultimately put me in the emergency room. Lack of impulsive behavior now extends beyond just my sobriety.
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Honest, less selfish, more loving, understanding, empathetic, tolerant, compassionate, reliable, caring, fun, adventurous, a little humble, and free from the influence of alcohol in any form.

Also a reliance on the God of my understanding to lead me through life, rather thah another human being.
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Originally Posted by zjw View Post
yeah I sometimes think some average non alcoholics could benefit from a few AA meatings lol. I think one biggie is recoverying from it makes you stronger. being a recovered alcoholic is like my super power of sorts. I gotta wonder what life would be like if I had never been an alcoholic at all. it might just be mediocre now. not that that is bad but my recovery is why i do a lot of the things that i do.
I feel the same way. Better for the experience than I would have been otherwise.
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I can't even begin to list the positive traits associated recovered alcoholics, but I can say that none of us could have been the people we have become and are becoming with alcohol still poisoning our thoughts, hearts, and characters. I am a far better person- both in how I feel and how I am to others- than I was.
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Add to the list:

I feel ambitious. I can be industrious. Its been a week since I've been able to sit still long enough to watch a movie from beginning to end. Its either I need to be doing something.... or I sleep!
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My confidence has increased 10 fold.
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I think it's made me kinder, more humble, more accepting, more empathetic, and less critical of others, as well as myself.
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This is a terrific thread!

So many good observations. I'd just add that people in recovery often tend to find more beauty in the world around them.
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1. Excellent relationships with wife and kids.
2. No more obsessing about my next drink.
3. No more hiding bottles and trying to remember where they are.
4. No more nursing effing hangovers. name a few....
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Humility. My solutions weren't working but when I humbled myself and started doing what sober people recommended life got a whole lot better
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Originally Posted by steve-in-kville View Post
Add to the list:

I feel ambitious. I can be industrious. Its been a week since I've been able to sit still long enough to watch a movie from beginning to end. Its either I need to be doing something.... or I sleep!
sorta the opposite for me. I"m less ambitious i find ambition breeds anxiety for me so I just dont bother.

but that being said i gotta stay occupied too and get more accomplished etc.. i am more self driven to do things like excercise and such.
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I'll never forget sitting in a psychologist's office in the first few weeks of sobriety, all shaky and anxious, but brimming with hope. She asked me why I wanted to get sober and I said: there is the potential I can achieve with drinking and the potential I can achieve sober, and I know there is a huge difference between them.

I am so motivated to reach that higher potential. And I don't just mean potential for money, job, status etc ... I mean potential to be a better human being all around.

When I get demotivated, I say to myself ... Miss P you did not get sober for this! It gets me motivated again to keep focussed on the future and stop feeling sorry for myself thinking of what I have "thrown away" on drinking in the past.
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This thread is great. Like others have said- have become more selfless, reliable and trustworthy. The physical benefits of crystal clear mornings are a personal favorite.
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Resiliency, adaptability, determination, perseverance, clarity, honesty, peace... creativity.

I struggle with the last one though. Years ago before I was drinking heavily, it seemed I was much more connected to things, and the creativity seemed effortless. It sometimes feels like an insurmountable thing to get back to that place.

I've heard people say they're grateful they're addicts, or at least, recovered ones, because it led them to who they are now. And I can understand and appreciate that.

We can't go back in time and make different choices, and we surely are some kind of an amalgamation of all those experiences along the way. They're lodged there somewhere in our consciousnesses.

Maybe it's that I have an appreciation for what I've been through and that I wouldn't be in such a good place right now had I not overcome my addiction.
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But it doesn't come cheaply.
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I think there are positive traits that we get from suffering from alcohol and then recovering.

Once we're sober, we're honest with ourselves. We are honest with ourselves that we cannot drink alcohol. If you're like me, this was the biggest most powerful deception of my life. The deception was that someday I would control my drinking and moderate.

I think sobriety makes us "old souls." I think once you've suffered deeply you have more empathy and understanding for others. You realize that life can be hard.
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