Sick and Tired (rant)

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Sick and Tired (rant)

Just venting....

No booze in the house and not going to take my son out in the cold/snow to go to the liquor store so my sobriety shall remain intact....

But to be candid I'm sick and tired of sitting here every weekend just DYING to have a drink. While not entirely overwhelming, it's sort of like a tooth ache. Not debilitating but just CONSTANTLY NAGGING.

Yeah, I read the posts and understand "with time it will subside" and all that and I know its true but in the moment I really don't particularly give a cr@p.

Soooooooo sick of sitting around, going through the motions when all I want to do is take a few shots and disappear for a while.

~end rant~
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Sobreity is more than not drinking, not drinking for me simply created the same thing, too much time on my hands, sitting around, bored out of my head, and guess what? thinking about drinking!!

Do "non drinkers" do nothing on their Friday/Saturday evenings, are they bored out of their minds, or do they do things? the answer is yes they do, they have fulfilling, happy, entertaining weekends without alcohol, and that's something we can have too!!

Have you thought about any new hobbies/interests that you want to get involved in, now being Sober, new projects, things you want to do?

Sobriety is all about carving out a new lifestyle, new routines, new activities, new friends, it's not about sitting in every night resenting it and being unhappy!!

You can do this!!
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Purpleknight..... no argument with what you are saying. You aren't wrong.

If I can wallow in frustrated misery for a moment....

Right now it is COLD out and snowing. Too cold to take the little guy out to play or to run errands even. So, for now, trapped in the house. Keeping busy (doing dishes, doing laundry, etc).

Problem is, all these things used to go SO WELL with a steady buzz (I know, I just THOUGHT they went well together).

In any event, I'm used to going up against things head-on. Whether it be a ridiculous project or going into a meeting I'm ill prepared for, etc. So for me, I'm prepared (or as prepared as I'm ever going to be) to go through the hell that I now find myself knee deep in.

Been thinking about a few areas of interest to keep my mind busy.... but haven't been able to concentrate long enough to bring any to fruition... yet.
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Defo not arguing with how tough it is, been there and went through it myself!!

Your wee man deserves a Sober dad though, and you need to to follow through.

Sure things are going to be different, I needed to readjust soo much in my life without alcohol!!

You can do this!!
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Originally Posted by Purpleknight View Post

Your wee man deserves a Sober dad
Absolutely right! This is one of the main reasons I dropped the drink a couple of weeks ago. (Well, that and coming WAY TOO close to destroying my marriage).

Sometimes I wish it were like in the movies..... Whenever you have a craving... just look at a picture of your kid and POOF!!! like magic all the cravings are gone.
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Having not been around for long, you must have missed my craving killer: ICCC.

Ice Cream Cures Cravings. Like NOW! Just a spoonful does it for some. Have at it.
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Belgian - I felt quite desperate and bored in the early days. I had counted on alcohol to cope with everything - when it was gone I felt like someone had unplugged me. I know you're not in the mood to hear it but you won't always feel this way - otherwise, very few of us would be able to remain sober. There will come a day when you'll feel relieved to be free. Glad you are here with us to talk it over.
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^^What they said.

Also, I was full of self pity when I first became sober. I didn't see how I could possibly be happy again.

But I am

Do it for you, man. You'll be so glad you did. Give it a few weeks/months though. Time takes time.
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Give yourself more sober time, as well as good food, exercise, and rest. Take good care of yourself while you are healing from the effects of drinking. Things will get better if you stay sober. I promise.
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I can relate. Sometimes I really miss the highs and the lows, the buzz and sometimes I get really pissed at life about it.

Yet, I know (as you seem to also) that going back is not an option.

One question I am asking myself when I feel this way is 'what do I REALLY want in this moment?'

Do I want excitement, connection with others, intellectual stimulation - am I bored? Or do I want a quiet hug, words of comfort? Do I want to move my body and feel it engaged with my life??

Do I want silence and alone time?

basically, what need I am hoping alcohol to fill and how else can I fill that need?

Just trying to construct a new life.
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I went to AA because I couldn't get sober on my own. With the fellowship of other alcoholics I could talk about how awful I felt and got a lot of support. If what you're doing isn't working, try something else. You have a son after all.
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