When does sober weight loss happen?

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Originally Posted by Kllme View Post
When your liver is damaged, your body stores fat and does not metabolize it. Hence a common diet with a fatty liver is fruits/ veggies/ fish/ dietary fiber. For me, I have had a fast metabolism my entire life but if I have a huge meal, I am good for 24 hours.
That scares me!! I have not had my liver tested. Makes me think I should. Very very creepy thought that I'm not losing weight because my liver is damaged.
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zenchaser if you want PM me what kinda diet your doing and maybe I can toss you some ideas to get things moving. I had to change things up along the way when I lost weight in order to get things moven again. Weight loss can be strange sometimes I'd be loosing steadily then stalled for a month then I'd change up one thing and that would trigger the weight loss again etc..

Don't let it discourage you just gotta keep pushing forward with proper diet and exercise and determination we can win the weight loss battle.
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Originally Posted by zenchaser View Post
That scares me!! I have not had my liver tested. Makes me think I should. Very very creepy thought that I'm not losing weight because my liver is damaged.
I would lay off the ice cream. Even if you never had a drink, most people who eat ice cream alot aren't going to lose weight.
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I ate ice-cream every day and lost weight. The key is to maintain a small deficit between 200-500 calories. It's not mysterious.

You need to figure out your TDEE and you need to weigh your food and track your calories consumed. Five lbs per month weight loss for someone who isn't obese is ideal.
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I am 10 days sober at midnight tonight. I only did one or two nights out, but I drank enough for 3 or 4 drinks per night. I started dieting 8 months ago and I have been eating low carbohydrates, lean proteins, other meat, healthy fats, and vegetables and I have been losing. I went from 225 to 210 within the 8 months. I am trying to get down to 170 lbs. I am hoping my newfound sobriety and healthy living is enough to flatten my tummy and shed the inches off my waist. I stopped drinking beer, wine, champagne, sugary mixers with my alcohol two months ago. The only thing I would drink with vodka or whiskey was diet coke or diet mountain dew. I didn't indulge much with food, but since a serving of whiskey is 96-100 calories--I was sabotaging my weight loss. I am noticing my stomach is slowly getting flatter. I also heard about the 7th week, including a healthy eating lifestyle and exercise--you can lose about 20-30 lbs.
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Originally Posted by markz View Post
I would say it starts when your calorie loss outwieghs your calorie intake.
Its that simple. That means you have to start working out and eating healthy.
Then you burn off those calories and you are not putting on fat.
Everything is so very common, common sense really. We just like to complicate the $#@! out of everything. Make a mountain out of a mole hill.
I know this is an old post, but I have to call bull$hit on this! Humans are not automatons that follow a simple mechanical equation like weight loss = calories in - calories out - exercise.
There are scientific studies out there that prove that the human body reacts to restricted caloric intake with a reduced burn rate; there might be a temporary weight loss, but one isn’t able to keep weight off in the long run.
It is more about the glycemic intake of food, the corresponding insulin response, and how often we eat during the day. 100 calories of sugar do not equal 100 calories of broccoli - life ain’t that simple!
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Giving up drinking did not result in any weight loss for me.

Probably because I increased my intake of ice cream and sweets. I may be a few pounds overweight but I'm the healthiest I've been in years, so I'm good with that.
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I’m almost 8 months sober and have lost 25 pounds. Was 200lbs when I stopped and seem to have leveled off at 175lbs.
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Iíve gained about 15lbs so Iím going to say....never? Lol
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I lost about 15 pounds over a period of several months. But not everyone loses weight when they stop drinking. I think part of it is that since most people tend to gain weight as they get older it simply gets more difficult to expect any automatic weight drop from eliminating alcohol. I see a lot of overweight old times at the AA meetings I attend.
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I obviously feel a lot healthier now, and some unnatural bloating in strange places subsided reasonably quickly for me.

I think it comes down to motivations for stopping drinking someone said above...some drink to the point of chronic malnutrition and for them losing weight is not the priority. Others are bloated with booze...some are killing themselves in other ways.

Staying booze free does not necessarily lead to living a perfect healthy life...there are other things to think about like diet exercise and healthy living...if weight loss or weight management is a priority.

The main problem with alcohol re: weight is that it has a high sugar content. When I quit I found I was subconsciously replacing my sugar intake with other sweet drinks and sugary foods. That's a price I was willing to pay in the short term.

Staying booze free does mean tho that we are no longer killing ourselves with booze itself. And that can be the priority for most folks here

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Thought I would pull this thread forward.

Hi everyone from the UK on a lovely sunny day.

I experienced some weight loss having embraced sobriety.

Bloating increased then abated in the first few weeks.
Weight loss started in month 2 despite having a crazy sweet tooth. Generally healthy eating and NO DIET it just slowly slipped away lost just over a stone in weight apps 16 pounds then the weight started to move up a little.
I am now at between 4 and 5 months and weight seems to have stabilised at 14 pound weight loss from my non sober weight.
I am a regular gym attender but no superhero, from approximately 3 months I have noticed tone improving which is nice it's like A change was occurring instead of it being all about the work I put in its as though my body is starting to work with me.
All in all a work in progress but one that gives returns on many levels.

I will now start a slight calorie deficit and hopefully shed a further 7 pounds. At that point I would be totally made up!
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Off to the gym now to put a little more work in 😂
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