Happy Birthday Carlotta Today May 25th, 2014

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Happy Birthday Carlotta!
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Happy Birthday, Carlotta!!!
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Happy birthday Carlotta !!
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a lil late, but hope it got better.
hope ya threw out the pity pot as a gift to yerself,too!
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Happy Birthday!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday dear Carlotta!

love from Lenina
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Thank you for all the good wishes guys and Deeker for throwing the party
You rock! I ended up having a good birthday and was especially touched by this thread but also when my guys at the shelter surprised me by singing Happy Birthday (No clue how they found out).
I am truly blessed.
Originally Posted by tomsteve View Post

a lil late, but hope it got better.
hope ya threw out the pity pot as a gift to yerself,too!
I had no choice but to get off it Tom, there was a loooonnng line of people waiting to use it and they were starting to get restless LOL
Seriously I very rarely go there and when I do, I put myself in check immediately: whining always annoy me and there is nothing worst than getting on my own nerves
again everyone
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