Day 13 and having a rough day

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Day 13 and having a rough day

Had another epic argument via text message with my wife over something stupid I did 9 months ago that she just found out about. My marriage is making me hate the invention of text message. Thanks to technology we can have a 4 hour argument before I even leave work. It is almost daily like that and it effects my job and my mood and of course expressing feelings in writing isn't always as effective as in person.

Walked to work today and on the way home walked by my neighborhood liquor store. They had the doors propped open. Looked so welcoming but I kept walking. Got home and the wife is gone and hasn't answered a text or phone call from me in the past 4 hours. Don't know where she is but I'm actually relieved because it's one of these days where she could fly into a violent rage especially because she's been stewing on the issue all day. Well, I will enjoy the calm before the storm because there is a 50/50 chance it will be ugly when she eventually does come home.

On the positive note, today is my mom's 29th anniversary of her sobriety. Since her sobriety she has dealt with one really bad marriage, deaths of those close to her,her own battle with cancer , job losses and a lot of other obstacles but she has never lost her sobriety. If she can do it than I have no excuses
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Great job on not giving in to the lure of the liquor store!! That's huge. I'm sorry things are difficult with your wife, but it's cool that you are staying level headed. Shows how much you're growing. I'm wishing you well and admiring your strength. xo
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I'm sorry things are obviously so tension filled at the moment - but you're right - drinking would not make it better, and nothing is a good enough excuse

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Sorry you had a rough day. My phone is kinda funny, sometimes text messaging breaks for a few hours...
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Originally Posted by foolsgold66 View Post
Sorry you had a rough day. My phone is kinda funny, sometimes text messaging breaks for a few hours...
I know what you mean. I've tried the ignoring texts but after an hour shell start threatening to come to my work and I'm afraid one day she will and it will be an ugly embarrassing event.
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I've been sitting alone with my cats , in silence, reading the forums since I got home. The thought just came into my head that " I am never going to have another drink for the rest of my life" and for the first time I was fine with that thought. The thought came into my head and I accepted it and had no feelings of anxiety. In the six month I was sober on my first attempt that never happened. I think I always thought in the back of my mind that maybe I can go back to "moderate" drinking after a good break. Today I feel like I can't have even one more drink in my life and even better I feel like I don't want one ever again.
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I had some very odd, slightly abusive messages from my eldest daughter on boxing day night after she'd had a few. I stayed calm, tried to give a little comfort, told her it was late, then turned the bloody thing off xx
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