First time Posting...Same story

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First time Posting...Same story

As so many here....just turned 50, very active (basketball, hiking etc..) but drink too much beer and finally wanting to stop but for so long have associated "relaxing" with alcohol....5 days without a beer, but as soon as I'm done playing hoop tmrw afternoon, I'll "feel' like a few nice Sam Adams...trying to break that damn connective tissue....probably have 12 each week, but want to quit altogether.....
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Welcome Rhody
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LittleRhody - Welcome to SR and congratulations on 5 days!! I think it's awesome that you are ready to quit before it gets to binge drinking or 12 in a day!! I sure wish I had quit before I crossed that line from "I'd really like" to "I NEED".

I hope you read around and keep posting. SR has been a HUGE part of my recovery and it's always nice knowing we're not alone.

Hugs and prayers,

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Hello LittleRhody x
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been reading here for some time really (6 months or so)...interesting people and stories....definitely for me the challenge is going to be the "connections" I've mentioned...always a beer for a fine effort and such...I've noticed for sure most mention that it, the progression, grows and grows; that' s what scares the hell outta me for sure.....
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Welcome LR! It's so good to have you join us. I commend you for wanting to change - you can do it.
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Yeh, wish I had a more interesting story...but that's it really...I know deep down drinking 3 or 4 times per week just isn't this point couldn't imagine drinking 12 in a day; I think I'd feel waterlogged after a while....
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Welcome to SR.
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