Day 1 of being sober # ergggg

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Day 1 of being sober # ergggg

Hey so iv decided enuff is enuff and I need to get my li back on track iv been a **** head since I was 16 I'm 23 now and it's most definatly time to change I want to do this for me iv got fat my appearance sucks and I need to go back to work and stick to a job and also aim to not kill my self

So today's been day 1 and to be honest every seconds been horrid I have a hangover from yesterday's binge and I lost some one very close to me Saturday so I'm still grieving and my anxiety is sky high

I'm determine to do this I'm sick of lack of sleep I'm sick of anxiety sick of sweating I. The night sick of being bed bound because I feel so **** and I'm sick of isolating my self from the rest of the world I want my life back I CAN DO IT xxxx
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I wish i woulda made that decision at your age instead of 10 years later. Point is you keep going the road you where on it doesnt really ever get better generally it gets worse. So if better is what your after staying on that path wont get you there.

But its tough keeping your sobriety takes a lot of work Gotta hang in there it gets better I promise!

Just think tommorrow you get to wake up and NOT have a hang over. You might even get an ok night of sleep too.

your on the right path keep checking back here when you need some support check out an AA meeting or something too possibly. AA can be rather sobering!! and the great thing is there is a bunch of people just like you there!
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Welcome Lourah! You're not alone - we all understand how you're feeling.

I'm sorry you lost someone close to you. I hope you'll feel better when the hangover and grief begin to lessen. You sound determined to do this - and we know you can. Glad to have you with us.
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