addictions counselor

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addictions counselor

I was seeing an addictions counselor since the end of April. I went into IOP at that time and saw her once a week until the beginning of June, at which time it went to every 3 or 4 weeks. I thought I was really making progress but I feel like it kind of stopped once I went to once a month. I do journal, SR, and read a lot about addiction/alcoholism but I don't do AA. I did go to about 8 meetings but didn't think it was for me. (I am thinnking about going back though for another try though). Anyway, I have 5 Months on Sunday but last night I saw my counselor and she told me she was discharging me because she doesn't think I hit my bottom. soi know now that there are 2 things I can do: continue working on staying sober or go out and try to hit my bottom. Obviously I know what's right but I am just so frustrated right now. I don't trust easily and opened up to this person and I feel like she just gave up on me. Its very upsetting to me. And what's worse is that I told her last month that I was feeling really depressed (something I. Have felt for a long time but never shared with anyone) and she said ok see u in a month. Then when I got there last night, excited for a sessionn, she dropped it on me that she was letting me go.

I don't know why this is so upsetting but it is and I Just needded to get that off my chest.

Thanks for listening.
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It seems odd that she would drop you for that reason. Of course, I don't know what you shared with her in your sessions, but it seems to me that if she thinks you might return to drinking, now would be the time her services could best be put to use. It just seems strange to me.

Of course, you know the best route would be not to go back out drinking, but to find another addictions counselor who is willing to see you more often than just once a month. Hang in there and stay strong.
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Welcome back and Congratulations on your 5 months

My "bottom" had nothing to do with external circumstances.
Depression is why I began AA...

Forward is the correct direction
please keep in focus....
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I'm sorry that happened. It seems so abrupt. And it seems odd for a counselor to stop for that reason. It would be hard after sharing so much with her. Is it worth it to ask her if it's negotiable? You could also find a different counselor.

I have tried and quit AA several times! I just recently went back and found some cool AA meetings that fit for me. There are also other recovery programs (SMART, etc- there's a sticky at the top of this forum with a whole list of recovery programs).

Congratulations on 5 months! That is very cool!
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Hey Legal Eagle,

Sorry to hear of your support bailing out on you.

Myself and others with drinking problems have found ourselves very comfortable in NA meetings. While i often felt uncomfortable sharing amongst some people, the members of NA made me feel very much at home. Furthermore NA members went so far as recommending certain AA meetings that they thought would be a good start for me. And these members of NA chaired meetings of AA. (forgive me if i sound like a broken record)

Best of luck to you,

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find an alchie with long term sobriety and do what they did...AA is a good place for counselor is 23 years recovered too, whats a non-alchie going to tell me? im more than intelligent enough to intellectualise addiction myself rather than have to pay for it, but either way it never helped me...
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find another addictions counselor

I would do just that, after investigating the possibility of continuing sessions with her, but if she won't, I'd find another counselor. Does seem a bit abrupt and vague the way she put it. I'd look for another one, and one who will see you more often.
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Congratulations on 5 months!!!!
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I had an addictions counsellor.

I paid her a fortune. An absolute fortune.

We tried together to get to the bottom of why I drank, why I was like I was. She was lovely and I miss her still today.

Towards the end, I started to go to AA. It was free ( a donation at the end) and I met others like me. Sometimes I could go and speak and other times just listen and reflect.

In a way, I wish I had just gone down the AA route rather than the counsellor. With her I could have discussed until I was blue in the face why I drank. Set goals to reduce and moderate. But none of it worked if I'm truthful and it cost me so much.

Some bits/people in AA annoyed me but 'I just took what I needed and left the rest behind.....'

Good luck
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