I need some advice about cravings.

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Welcome to SR!
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First welcome to all the newcomers to SR.

Paulos see your doctor, there are several medications on the market that help with the physical cravings.

I dealt with the physical cravings by going onto detox, you see the only time one has a physical craving for alcohol is either while they are drinking or while they are withdrawing, once the withdrawal period is over it becomes a mental obsession, for some folks the same meds that helped with the physical craving help with the mental obsession.

For me I used AA to not only deal with the mental obsession, but to actually have it lifted by working the steps.

My own will power never kept me sober for very long and trying to use my will power alone to stay sober made me crazy!!!
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I stopped eating anything sweet or sugary 1 years into my 8 years of drinking. I was diagnosed as diebetic (due to pancreatitss) about 4 years before I got sober.

So I was very suprised that once I got sober I craved sugar. I am struggling to cut back on that now (I am 8 months sober).

My point is that my body got so much sugar from alchohol that I found the idea of sweets nausiating! I also ate tons of pasta (still love it). Once I was off of the alchohol I once again liked sweets.

My goal today is to try to moderate my sugar. I weighed 134 when I went to the treatment center and am now 158....that's got to stop!
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L Glutamine won't stop cravings. It helps the body regulate blood sugar (and use insulin) more effectively. If you are an alcoholic, and believe the dissease theory, there are other reasons we crave alcohol....
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Most cravings only last for a short time unless we nurse them till they become overwhelming. As has been said well by many people here do get up and do something. Find a meeting--GO. Call some of those numbers you get at meetings. I know that works for me, nothing like a cold call to someone you don't know to say you want a drink to kill a craving. If all else fails get up get yourself a large heavy object and bash it against your head. No really go to a meeting. If you still have trouble with cravings talk to your doctor there are many new medications that can help.
The best thing about cravings is they do go away.
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The simple act of going to A.A. Meetings will not make the cravings go away. People fall into this thinking and insist that A.A. "Doesn't Work" because they still have a desire to drink.
Therefore I recommend Chocolate!
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