Moment of clarity finally hit me

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Moment of clarity finally hit me

How long did this take? 5 years? 10 years?

I got out of bed, I thought just a few hours sleep an I'll be fine.
It wasn't what happened, i stumbled all over, hit the floor, and realized, to my relief, Alcohol did this to me.

Finally I realised you can't 'sleepoff Alcohol'
It's just there.

I sat and thought a bit, in the usual drunken stupor.
And you know what i finally realized?
I want to get out of bed and not stumble.
I want to get out of bed and not be in a daze.
I want to talk coherently to people.

Lord, has it taken this long?

Thank you all for letting me post here, it's been a real comfort and I hope to pass the 5 day soon.
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fasten yer seatbelt, Tq ... but I'm glad you're here!

it *is* good to wake up ... unpoisoned.
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Tq it gets better, but time takes time, I was sober for over a year when suddenly I realized that for the first time in over 40 years, it felt normal to be sober......... not hung over, drunk, or craving a drink.
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Remembering this helps me: If I go to bed sober, I get to wake up sober.
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