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Trudging that road.
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Twenty-Four Hours A Day for 2/9/2013


A.A. Thought for the Day

In the past, we kept right on drinking in spite of all the trouble we got into. We were foolish enough to believe that drinking could still be fun in spite of everything that happened to us. When we came into A.A., we found a lot of people who, like ourselves, had had fun with drinking, but who now admitted that liquor had become nothing but trouble for them. And when we found that this thing had happened to a lot of other people besides ourselves, we realized that perhaps we weren't such odd ducks after all. Have I learned to admit that for me drinking has ceased to be fun and has become nothing but trouble?

Meditation for the Day

The lifeline, the line of rescue, is the line from the soul to God. On one end of the lifeline is our faith and on the other end is God's power. It can be a strong line and no soul can be overwhelmed who is linked to God by it. I will trust in this lifeline and never be afraid. God will save me from doing wrong and from the cares and troubles of life. I will look to God for help and trust Him for aid when I am emotionally upset.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that no lack of trust or fearfulness will make me disloyal to God. I pray that I may keep a strong hold on the lifeline of faith.

Hazelden Foundation PO Box 176 Center City, MN 55012
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Trudger of Happy Destiny
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Drinking is definitely not worth the deep depression and anxiety that inevitably come. My mind likes to forget that part of it, though. Drinking definitely did something different for me...Sure, I was "happy" for a little bit while intoxicated, but 95% of the time I turned into a blubbering idiot.
Whenever I am down, I stop being down, and be awesome instead.
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That short window of (perceived) happiness that alcohol brought me held sway over me for my entire drinking career, as I tried to constantly find that window over and over again - but it had closed a long time ago. I could never rediscover that point where things felt right, where I was comfortable in my own skin. That search for that "joy point" blinded me to the endless carousel off misery and depression, and I brought a lot of people down with me.
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Beautiful message.
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Aka.. Indamiricale. :)
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I always must remember the bad, and not all the fun I had out there..

I did have fun for many years, then slowly the bad creep in , and as years past; it completely flipped .. And went for all fun with tiny bad.. To almost all bad with very tiny slivers of fun...

The BB clearly states that I will never return to the fun part again...

And I didn't get into trouble every time I drank..... But I was drunk, Everytime I got into any trouble or making of always always always....
I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of A.A. always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.
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stepping on my way...
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The insanity is to pick up once more expecting anything to be different this go around on the merry go round. That makes sense to me and is what I say over and over when my AV speaks up. Drinking was no longer fun to me. Every time I went back I got the same terrible results! Insanity of it all!!! In sanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results! I get that! Thanks HD for explaining that to me. It has helped me TONS

When I walked into AA and staerted an account on SR I realized I am not alone. I thought when actively using I must be the only person in this whole world to feel as much pain and toture as I do about alcohol and not being able to put it down. Thank you SR and AA for showing me I am not alone. That is the best feeling in the world. I have found more true friends and a better relationship with the Lord and His Son in my short sobriety than I have in my whole life and that is the honest truth I am blessed. I am happier than I have been in a long time!
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