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Trudging that road.
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Twenty-Four Hours a Day

*~*~*~*^TwentyFourHours ADay^*~*~*~*
A.A. Thought for the Day

In spite of all we have learned in A.A., our old way of thinking comes back on us, sometimes with overwhelming force, and occasionally some of us have slips. We forget or refuse to call on the Higher Power for help. We seem to deliberately make our minds a blank so far as A.A. training goes, and we take a drink. We eventually get drunk. We are temporarily right back where we started from. Those who have had slips say unanimously that they were no fun. They say A.A. had taken all the pleasure out of drinking. They knew they were doing the wrong thing. The old mental conflict was back in full force. They were disgusted with themselves. Am I convinced that I can never get anything more out of drinking?

Meditation for the Day

Give something to those who are having trouble, to those whose thoughts are confused, something of your sympathy, your prayers, your time, your love, your thought, your self. Then give of your own confidence, as you have had it given to you by the grace of God. Give of yourself and of your loving sympathy. Give your best to those who need it and win accept it. Give according to need, never according to deserts. Remember that the giving of advice can never take the place of giving of yourself.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that as I have received, so may I give. I pray that I may have the right answer for those who are confused.

(Twenty-Four Hours a Day) Hazelden Foundation 2012
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I am convinced today that I can get nothing more out of drinking. Whenever a person does slip, generally they have not done everything they can with their "training" to prevent it. One of the most important things that is forgotten is to tell someone else of their mindset going to that dark place. This is most likely because if they were to tell someone, they probably couldn't drink after that, and the urge would be defeated. This would prevent them from achieving the instant gratification they crave at that moment.

Yes, my ego would like to think I don't need to read about slips...but that is BS, because slips used to be a very common occurrence in my sobriety, if it could even be called sobriety. I wasn't working steps, working with others, praying and listening to God, or doing what I generally needed to do to stay sober.

Great read.
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It`s ok to stay sober

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Then give of your own confidence, as you have had it given to you by the grace of God.
thats good stuff
I used to mistake confidence for arrogance
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