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Sober living homes are incredibly valuable in assisting long-term addiciton recovery from both alcoholism and substance abuse. These recovery homes offer a safe and secure environment for long term recovery. Typically, sober house residents come directly from an inpatient treatment and rehabilitation program, while a minority come directly from a self help 12 step program or because of their own desire for a healthy change in environment.


Visit the Synergy Treatment Center website  
Synergy Treatment Center
Synergy's professional, licensed staff members use psychotherapy along with cutting edge drug and alcohol addiction education, medically supervised detox and holistic medicine including massage, acupuncture, exercise, yoga, oral amino acid therapy and nutrition to treat all of the barriers to recovery. Synergy Drug Rehab's combination of different treatment styles is a must when it comes to long-term, successful recovery. 866-411-7350
    Visit the Synergy Treatment Center website

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Clean Path Recovery - Quality Sober Living
Clean Path Recovery provides structure and accountability with understanding, tolerance and unconditional love believing that change is possible in our lives. We strive to accept our clients exactly where they are at the time knowing that growth will come with change. We have faith in the 12 steps of Narcotics Anonymous, in sponsorship and in a loving higher power. QUALITY SOBER LIVING FOR MEN & WOMEN IN COSTA MESA, CA. $900 A MONTH - CALL US: 949-278-1915
    Visit the Clean Path Recovery - Quality Sober Living website    

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Oak Tree Delray
Oak Tree Delray in partnership with Integrity Way is proud to offer effective Holistic, Executive, Christian and Traditional Rehabilitation Services. Oak Tree Delray provides a luxury apartment with a private room for all clients seeking help. Please call 866-238-2171 and speak with a professional today.
    Visit the Oak Tree Delray website     Video for Oak Tree Delray

Visit the Capo By The Sea website  
Capo By The Sea
Capo By The Sea's mission is to guide alcoholics and addicts on the road to stable, long-term recovery. Capo By The Sea helps transform lives by providing the highest quality treatment and continuing care services, customized for the individual.By combining the most current therapeutic and cognitive behavioral methods with more traditional 12-step therapy, Capo By The Sea has consistently shown that a happy, long-term recovery from addiction is within reach for anyone willing to ask for help. CALL NOW: 800-230-2850
    Visit the Capo By The Sea website            

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Simple Path Recovery
Located in the heart of Irvine, minutes from UCI, the marketplace, restaurants, a medical facility, with an enclosed park, swimming pool, tennis court, bbq area, and much much more. Everything you need, with hotel like amenities so you can focus on you, one step at a time. For those who need an extra boost after rehab, or just anyone who feels like their life is out of focus and need just a bit more support. Simple Path Recovery is here to help you.
    Visit the Simple Path Recovery website    

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Westport House
Located in historic Westport, Connecticut (Fairfield county) and combining a 12-Step based philosophy with adventure, recreation, physical fitness, wellness, employment, and academic opportunities, Westport House sober living is designed for young men who are transitioning from drug and alcohol rehab programs, extended care, wilderness programs, and therapeutic boarding schools, and who require ongoing structure and support while learning what it means to navigate society as responsible sober adults. Because were passionate about the serious mental health benefits of physical fitness, physical conditioning and mixed martial arts training are an integral part of the Westport House experience. CALL US TODAY AT 888.302.6790.
    Visit the Westport House website    

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Turning Point
Turning Point is a nationally recognized leader in addiction rehabilitation services for young men. Located in Connecticut, we were founded on the principal that while young men in early recovery need continued structure, guidance, peer support and clinical services, they also need to learn how to have fun in sobriety. To achieve this, we infuse individualized intensive substance abuse treatment with a wide variety of recreational activities such as skiing, mixed martial arts, camping, musical recording sessions, paintball and more into our three phase step down model. This unique "phase reintegration" model is a recovery building block approach, where each phase is designed to build upon the previous one. It exposes young men to a drug free world gradually, as their coping skills, self-esteem and recovery tools become sufficient to identify and navigate potential threats to sobriety.
CALL US NOW 203-937-2309
    Visit the Turning Point website    

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Integrity Way
Integrity Way in partnership with Transformations Treatment Center is proud to offer effective 12 Step Therapy, Executive, Holistic and Christian Rehabilitation. All clients enjoy a luxury apartment with thier own private room. Please call 866-238-2171 and speak with a professional today.
    Visit the Integrity Way  website     Video for Integrity Way

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La Costa Solutions for Women
The years we have devoted to our addiction have caused much grief and wreckage. We have given away ourselves, our self-esteem and our confidence in the world. It is time to redeem these parts of ourselves that we so freely gave away. At La Costa Solutions for Women, we believe that by not drinking or using one day at a time, many doors will open to productive, happy lives. We offer a clean, sober and serene environment where women can focus on recovery and personal growth. We help residents seek solutions as they transition back into the mainstream of life; one step at a time, we find it is not as overwhelming as we may at first FEEL it is. CALL NOW: 619.857.1723
    Visit the La Costa Solutions for Women website

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Awakenings Recovery Center
Here at Awakenings, we seek to work with our clients to help in their whole life. Awakenings seeks not only to provide the needed and necessary substance abuse treatment, but to essentially treat the whole person. Learning life skills, improving communication, building self esteem, learning to solve problems are just a few of the components that make up the whole person treatment that Awakenings provides. Through our intensive outpatient program and individual counseling sessions, Awakenings seeks to bring the world that has been so out of reach for many addicts back within their reach. We also seek to empower our clients to take the leap of faith to improve their own world.
    Visit the Awakenings Recovery Center website    

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Recovery Ranch
Recovery Ranch is a structured sober living for men. Founded on the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and the principles of John Wooden, our main purpose is change. At the Ranch, we live as gentlemen and practice contrary action. We understand that focusing on becoming the best we are capable of becoming, and leading with selflessness and recovery, are fundamental to having a beautiful life free from addiction. This foundation for success is achieved through constant accountability. We are loving and compassionate, and we are brutally honest. We work hard, play hard, and show up for our lives today.
    Visit the Recovery Ranch website     Video for Recovery Ranch                

Visit the Hazelden - Tribeca Twelve (NYC) website  
Hazelden - Tribeca Twelve (NYC)
Hazelden's Tribeca Twelve residence, alcohol and drug free housing for college students in recovery, located at 283 West Broadway, provides young adults in recovery from addiction an independent, living environment with fully integrated support services, access to many recreational activities and special events. Tribeca Twelve is ideal for young adults attending college or planning to return to college who are looking for an exciting and welcoming place to live, develop healthy friendships, and achieve success. Call us - 24hr Helpline 800.257.7810
    Visit the Hazelden - Tribeca Twelve (NYC) website            

Visit the SOBA Recovery Center website  
SOBA Recovery Center
Soba's success is world-renowned for treating all types of addictions & alcohol abuse. We treat the underlying issues as a primary concern & offer treatment plans specific to the individual. We recommend 90days or more for success with 1st time & chronic(multiple rehab)individuals. Services include 7-14day medical detox, 30-90day residential, & 6-12mo sober community living. Located in Malibu on the famous carbon beach. Proof that you can get high end treatment without high end price. Most insurance accepted, JCAHO accredited.
    Visit the SOBA Recovery Center website     Video for SOBA Recovery Center            

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Just Us Girls Sober Living
Long term success of any alcoholic or addict depends largely on the continued care they receive after their last drink or drugs. Just Us Girls is a luxurious sober living sanctuary between primary treatment and the next step towards a healthy life in recovery
    Visit the Just Us Girls Sober Living website

Visit the  website  
Orchid House
We are proud to introduce the first ever Holistic sober living environment. Group consciousness is emphasized; including all elements of the mind, body, and spirit. Composting, zen gardening, & group activities including yoga & meditation make up your day. Luxury bedding within a boutique living space makes for a wonderful stay. We are located 2 blocks from South Coast Plaza, which is central to all living essentials. We are privately owned & run by a Holistic Health Practitioner in connection with a wellness center & herbal center. Filtered alkalinized water is provided as well as optional nutritional guidance. For more information, please call 949-872-0402.
    Visit the Orchid House website

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Boca House
Sober living environments are a crucial component of recovery. Those who are clean and returning from a relapse or those who have completed treatment need to learn how to live clean and sober. Boca House has been helping men stabilize their recovery through a structured, safe, secure, supervised approach to living. Boca House has 3 phases of sober living with a supportive on premises staff. We are dedicated to seeing our clients succeed for the long term. Call and secure a place now. 888-663-6818 Your recovery matters.
    Visit the Boca House website

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Kool Living Recovery Center
Welcome to Kool Living Recovery. We are a fully licensed Detox and Residential addiction treatment center located in beautiful Southern California. At Kool Living, we treat the whole individual, mind, body and spirit. We take great effort in providing highly specialized treatment to our patients. At Kool Living, we offer individualized treatment plans, designed to meet individual needs, choices and concerns. Whether it be drug addiction, alcohol or substance abuse, we have a solution that works.
    Visit the Kool Living Recovery Center website

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Bethesda Recovery Inc.
Bethesda Recovery is a women's residential treatment recovery center. Many programs utilize a twelve step approach to recovery. But Bethesda's unique 12 Gate approach is based on the scriptural account of Nehemiah rebuilding the Wall of Jerusalem. The Gates offer profound insights to the actions that are essential to recovery and restoring personal wholeness.The sober recovery achieved here includes many recovery resources for Christians.
    Visit the Bethesda Recovery Inc. website    


Sober House and Sober Living After Treatment

Alcoholism is a serious disease and most people require professional help to get treatment that will help. Facilities frequently use a 12-Step program followed by a stay in a sober house to gradually introduce the recovering addict back into society. For ten years, has been helping alcoholics and others addicted to substances find the treatment centers they need for treatment. They provide you with the links for different facilities with a number of different types of programs so that you can get the type of help that best suits your needs. They offer listings for all types of facilities including those with a sober house that will allow you to continue your rehabilitation once you have received treatment.

When choosing a detox center, there are many options available. You may not know what to look for such as whether the facility is operated on an outpatient basis or if there is a sober house used for rehabilitation. Start by making sure that the treatment center has a track record of success and that the have a state license. The longer the facility has been in operation, the better he chances are that they have the experience to back their program. It is also important to learn what their treatment options are and whether they are proven effective. Also, find out what the procedure is for after your treatment is complete and whether a sober house is used to help prepare you to interact with society again.

Whether you are preparing to go to a treatment facility for an alcohol addiction program or you are considering a sober house to help you make the transition back into your life, make sure it is a place where you will feel comfortable. You need to be in a place where you like the people who are treating you and that you will feel comfortable with. Always be certain to speak with the professionals at the center before you make a commitment to the program they have available. Making the choice to become sober can be a difficult. Some people have bad experiences at a treatment center or sober house that prevent others from getting sober. We have been helping people for years to find the right facilities for their needs and learning how to make the right choice.

Here one can find the right treatment center and program for you to be sober and addiction free. We have a wide listing that will help guide you to the facility or sober house where you will get the type of treatment you prefer. The most important thing is to get the professional help you need and to get it right away. Addiction doesn't go away on its own and there is help available for your addiction and your preferences for treatment. Let SoberRecovery give you the information you need to find the help that will carry you through your treatment, to a sober house, and back into your life!

Anaheim ARC
The Salvation Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Centers provide spiritual, social and emotional assistance for men and women who have lost the ability to cope with their problems and provide for themselves. Each center offers residential housing, work, and group and individual therapy, all in a clean, wholesome environment. The physical and spiritual care that program participants receive prepares them to re-enter society and return to gainful employment. Many of those who have been rehabilitated are reunited with their families and resume a normal life.

Bonner Brothers Transitional Housing
We are actively involved in contributing to adults transitioning into a higher standard of living.Our main mission is to provide services for alcohol, substance abuse users and ex-offenders.

Cedar Avenue House
The Cedar Avenue House is a 30+ bed Non-Profit male Recovery House, Sober House, 3/4 House or as we like to call ourselves a "Transitional Living Facility". Croydon, Pa.

Clean and Sober Recovery Homes
A structured living environment offering many levels to assist in returning addicts and alcoholics to a better way of life. Mobile, Alabama.

Drayton House Recovery Residence
Drayton House of Winchester, Virginia, offers an unique, holistic residential after-care program for executives and professionals seeking relapse-prevention tools and an enhanced quality of life

Esthers Sober Living
Co-ed sober living facility in Orange County, California. Orange County Sober Living

Metropolitan Serenity House
Individualized, extended-care treatment for men ages 15-28. Serenity House operates a private, accredited, drug-free high school exclusively for our clients.Leader in the treatment of substance abuse

Our House Sober Living
Sober living, sober housing, recovery homes, halfway houses or anything related to living sober.

Oxford Houses
Oxford House is a concept in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In its simplest form, an Oxford House describes a democratically run, self-supporting and drug free group home.

Shaky Acres Alcoholism and Drug Addiction Recovery House
Shaky Acres Recovery Houses for assistance in the rehabilitation of drug and alcohol addictions in the United States Virgin Islands, St. Thomas

Sober Living Los Angeles
Casa Nuevo Vida is one of the leading sober living homes for men in Los Angeles. Everything in the community speaks about comfort,serenity and tranquility.Out Goal is to provide the best sober living experience for our clients.

Sober Living of Arizona
Sober Living of AZ is the premier sober living/recovery home organization in Arizona. We provide sober living for those in need of a structured sober living environment while in the early stages of recovery from alcohol and/or drug addiction

Stepping Ahead of the Palm Beaches
Stepping Ahead is a Structured Drug and Alcohol Program for Women Only. We are located in North Palm Beach, Florida and offer women in recovery a safe, and chemical-free atmosphere

Structured Living LLC
Structured Living LLC offers halfway, three quarter, transitional, sober living for men and women through its eight "gender specific" residential facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan, one of the most recovery friendly communities in the US.

The Gate House
The Gate Houses provide structured living and on-going treatment for adult men and women recovering from chemical dependency. Two separate facilities in Pennsylvania

The Haven House Residence
HAVEN HOUSE, a nonprofit, non-denominational group shared living residence, was established to support men recovering from alcohol and chemical dependency. Santa Rosa Beach, FL

The Resurrection House
The Resurrection House, located in Las Vegas NV, is an outreach of The Tree of Life Christian Fellowship. The Resurrection House provides a stable, safe, and sober living place for men who are seeking reintegration into society.

The Sober Zone Treatment Center
The Sober Zone is a structured sober living facility for men located in Southern California. We are a 12-step based program that empowers its residents by giving structure and support. We also do detox and aftercare.

Transitional Living Communities
We provide a safe and sober living environment for the male substance abuser who wishes to become a productive member of society. Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada

Women In New Recovery
Women residential recovery program with 130 beds -located in Chandler, Mesa and Prescott Arizona; Las Vegas, Nevada and Albuquerque, New Mexico. A model program of self-sufficiency, 12 step based

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