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Heroin is a highly addictive opiate painkiller. Common treatments for "Big H" include heroin detox, methadone programs and therapy. Heroin addicts quickly build up a tolerance and will experience withdrawal symptoms within the last few hours of their last dose. Heroin addiction is very hard to overcome without professional help; however, with monitored heroin rehab program, this addiction can treated successfully.


Visit the California Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center website  
CASA Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center
CASA Recovery provides top-quality, individualized addiction treatment in a fantastic ocean side community. Clients stay in upscale houses and receive treatment at our private center by licensed, experienced staff. Learn how to live without drugs and alcohol in our 30, 60 or 90 day programs. Top quality treatment doesn't have be out of reach; call now about our affordable pricing!
    Visit the CASA Drug and Alcohol Recovery Center website        

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New York Recovery Home
Our programs are intensive, but also rewarding. You will be given daily one-on-one counseling with our New York State approved counselors, participate in daily AA/NA meetings, and learn various life, career, and learning skills. Throughout the week, we also conduct off-site recreational activities, which may include hiking, picnics, sports, visiting historic Saugerties and Woodstock town centers, skiing, and enjoying our 8 acre estate. CALL 866-847-6979 for more information.
    Visit the New York Recovery Home website

Visit the  website  
The Landing Recovery
The Landing is California's premier alcoholism and drug addiction treatment center for men. Located in Newport Beach, this residential treatment facility is a private, 30 day program for men suffering from alcoholism or drug addiction. CALL NOW: (877) 235-6134
    Visit the The Landing Recovery website

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The National Information Center for Pain Medication Addiction provides a free and vital link to help for individuals in need of heroin rehab treatment. If you or someone you care about are currently battling heroin addiction, our representatives are standing by 24/7 to connect you with safe, quality and professional treatment resources. We have an extensive database with some of the most leading heroin rehab centers in the country, and will recommend the best option based on the specific care needs of you or your loved one.
    Visit the NICPMA website

Visit the  website  
Heroin and Oxycontin Addiction Treatment
Transformations Treatment Center is a premier addiction treatment facility, using a combination of traditional and alternative therapies. Transformations has helped hundreds of clients beat heroin or Oxycontin addiction. Helping our clients return to or discover a rich, fulfilling life is the Transformations mission. Our treatment makes the client as comfortable as possible. A low client-to-therapist ratio maximizes personal attention. The homelike condo apartment setting, including a private bedroom and bath, avoids the cold hospital-like atmosphere of many other treatment centers. With our family weekends and outreach programs, we provide the maximum support possible for clients to heal their body, mind and spirit.
    Visit the Heroin and Oxycontin Addiction Treatment website            

Visit the  website  
Inspire Malibu Luxury Non 12 Step Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment Center
Long-term heroin use causes serious health issues. Inspire Malibu provides cutting edge Science and Evidence based treatment and utilizes safe and comfortable detox methods to assist those with a Heroin addiction. When it is indicated we may use Subutex during detox and Suboxone as maintenance ongoing as part of a comprehensive treatment plan. As with other addictions, heroin treatment must be done with medical supervision. Without the proper treatment the results could be FATAL.
    Visit the Inspire Malibu Luxury Non 12 Step Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment Center website     Video for Inspire Malibu Luxury Non 12 Step Drug & Alcohol Detox Treatment Center        

Visit the  website  
Hotel California by the Sea
Based steps from the sand in Newport Beach, Hotel California By The Sea offers a variety of exceptional age & gender specific programs for Men & Women specifically tailored to treat Addiction and Co-Occurring psychological disorders. The Accommodations are Luxurious, and our Clinical Care is second to none. We offer detox, residential, partial, IOP, support & monitoring. Treatment is truly individualized. Daily, Case Managers discuss programming options with each client, then collaborate with the Treatment Team and develop the following day's personalized schedule. Clients are allowed the dignity to pursue healthy personal interests, and are encouraged to set personal goals; our staff will assist and support clients towards the achievement of their goals. Clients are allowed Internet access & monitored use of their laptops & phones after the detoxification process. Hotel California has an excellent family program and welcomes family participation in the recovery process. Weekly, Clients receive 10-15 Therapeutic Groups, 2 Individualized Therapy Sessions, 5 Individualized Case Management Sessions, 5-7 Beach walking meetings, on-site massage, Beach Activities, quality 12 Step Meetings in the NB Community, exclusive gym membership. In addition, all meals are prepared by a full-time chef offering individualized meal planning. At Hotel California, we enjoy the natural beauty all around us. Our clients participate in one on one therapy sessions on the beach, and group sessions on the Orca Too, a 70 foot Pleasure Yacht. The experiential therapies & activities we offer are endless. Our goal is to create a therapeutic atmosphere that allows each client to connect with their inner self, their interests, passions, purpose, and re-establish meaning to their lives. We teach, coach, and mentor our clients on how to develop a healthy living lifestyle; one where they can become empowered and free.
    Visit the Hotel California by the Sea website

Visit the  website  
Seaside Palm Beach Recovery
Seaside Palm Beach provides comprehensive executive drug and alcohol addiction treatment in a luxurious environment, allowing patients to maintain their careers while healing from substance abuse. We offer a full-service business center and WIFI in every room, and encourage patients to stay in touch with their colleagues and loved ones during their stay via cell phone, laptop and tablet. Our living recovery philosophy recognizes the importance of patients' careers and families in the recovery process. There is no reason why your recovery should derail the career you worked so hard to build. Call 888-997-3274 to start healing today.
    Visit the Seaside Palm Beach Recovery website

Visit the  website  
Serenity House
Located in three Texas cities, Serenity House provides strong 12-Step based residential and outpatient treatment which has been successful for the thousands of people we have treated over the last 30 years of service as a non-profit treatment center. We offer state-of-the-art treatment at an affordable price. Serenity House has provided hope and help to more than 30,000 people since 1984 and we have a place for YOU. We currently have 131 licensed treatment beds which makes us one of the largest treatment facilities in Texas. We provide detoxification, residential treatment, outpatient treatment, family education and counseling and extensive case management. Serenity also provides therapist led family support groups in San Antonio and Fort Worth for anyone in need to help families begin their journey toward developing healthier family relationships. A patient special needs are addressed during residential treatment. Calls for help are answered 24 hours a day so call now 866-795-4673 and let us tailor your treatment program for a new you.
    Visit the Serenity House website            

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Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches
Low cost, world-class treatment, Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is a premier residential treatment center. Located in West Palm Beach Florida, Behavioral Health offers a wide range of special programs to successfully treat each person individually.
    Visit the Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches website     Video for Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches        

Visit the  website  
Penfield Christian Homes
Enjoy the anonymity of an out-of-state program within driving distance. CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 6 WEEKS. Convenient locations in North, Central and South Georgia. Call Us Now (24/7) Toll-Free: 1-866-KICK-DRUGS (1-866-542-5378)
    Visit the Penfield Christian Homes website

Visit the  website  
Saint Jude Retreat
Saint Jude's has helped thousands over the past 22 years, overcome drugs and alcohol with the original non-12 step approach. Our program model includes an effective educational process that does not include any disguised 12 step meetings or therapy, in fact we are non-treatment based and 87% more effective than traditional treatment results. Our 62% independently verified success rate makes us the most effective program nationwide. Find your permanent solution to substance use at Saint Jude's. Our 3 unique retreat houses can accommodate anyone's needs. Call today to speak with one of our Family Consultants. 1.888.424.2626. It's never too late for change, start the process today!
    Visit the Saint Jude Retreat website            

Visit the  website  
Suncoast Rehabilitation Center
We don't share the belief, "once an addict, always an addict". We believe anyone can be helped to overcome drug and/or alcohol addiction for good. The program addresses the physical & mental aspects of the addiction and gets to the source, the real problem, that led to drug use in the first place. We are a long-term residential treatment program that delivers an intensive sauna detoxification program to remove the drugs & toxins from the body that cause cravings & relapse. Our success rate is 4x higher than the national average. Call us now to find out more about what we do, 888-849-7991.
    Visit the Suncoast Rehabilitation Center website     Video for Suncoast Rehabilitation Center            

Visit the Saint Jude Retreat House (Heroin/Oxycontin) website  
Saint Jude Retreat House (Heroin/Oxycontin)
Saint Jude's has helped thousands over the past 22 years, overcome drugs and alcohol with the original non-12 step approach. Our program model includes an effective educational process that does not include any disguised 12 step meetings or therapy, in fact we are non-treatment based and 87% more effective than traditional treatment results. Our 62% independently verified success rate makes us the most effective program nationwide. Find your permanent solution to substance use at Saint Jude's. Our 3 unique retreat houses can accommodate anyone's needs. Call today to speak with one of our Family Consultants. 1.888.424.2626. It's never too late for change, start the process today!
    Visit the Saint Jude Retreat House (Heroin/Oxycontin) website     PDF for Saint Jude Retreat House (Heroin/Oxycontin)            

Visit the  website  
Beachway Therapy Center
Safe. Therapeutic. Affordable. Located in South Florida, Beachway Rehabilitation Center is a private substance abuse treatment facility that offers individualized addiction treatment for men and women. Out holistic approach to recovery incorporates the mind, body and spirit through a variety of programs that focus on learning or regaining the life skills that promote long-term recovery.
    Visit the Beachway Therapy Center website

Visit the  website  
Peaceful Ridge Recovery
Peaceful Ridge Recovery provides a medically driven, scientifically based and discrete approach to helping you and your loved ones with challenges associated with substance abuse. We understand that this can be an overwhelming and frustrating situation and we are committed to using the newest and most effective approaches to help you get your life back. We believe that many people whom have had previous experiences in treatment have not failed, but the programs have failed them. There are new and exciting treatments available to help you and it is our mission to employ all of them in a team based approach to provide you with a fresh start. Peaceful Ridge Recovery serves both adults and adolescents.
    Visit the Peaceful Ridge Recovery website        

Visit the  website  
The River Source
The River Source is a residential/inpatient Holistic Treatment Center offering healing and hope to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The River Source is a unique recovery program which provides the best of both medical and naturopathic substance abuse treatment integrated with a 12-step approach. In our safe and nurturing environment, our clients receive the optimum opportunity to achieve overall health and wellness! Our mission is to provide a quality drug and alcohol program which addresses the whole person at an affordable cost. There is hope! We are here to help each client find lifelong recovery from addiction.
    Visit the The River Source website     PDF for The River Source                

Visit the  website  
Gateway Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers
Gateway Alcohol & Drug Treatment has 10 locations throughout Illinois. Our Outpatient and Residential Drug Treatment Programs offer personalized substance abuse treatment plans that give individuals the tools and knowledge they need to get their lives back on track. When treating individuals for heroin and/or other opiate dependence, we recognize the benefits of medications in addressing the painful withdrawal symptoms and reducing the risk of relapse. As part of a comprehensive program, medication assisted treatment includes use of medicine, counseling and therapy. Research shows that medication assisted treatment helps people remain drug and alcohol free. And Gateway treatment centers administer medications like Suboxone on-site to alleviate discomfort and allow individuals to engage in a personalized recovery program.
    Visit the Gateway Alcohol and Drug Treatment Centers website

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St. Gregory Retreat Center
St. Gregory Retreat Center is unlike any other center in the world! Combining the most advanced therapeutic techniques available such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Neurotransmitter Repair and Cognitive Skills Training, our internationally accredited programs give you or your loved one the very best opportunity to leave addictions behind, PERMANANTLY! No more harmful labels or endless meetings for life. Insurance accepted! Call today 888-778-5833
    Visit the St. Gregory Retreat Center   website

Visit the Morningside Recovery Opiate Dependency Treatment website  
Morningside Recovery Opiate Dependency Treatment
Morningside Recovery offers individualized opiate addiction treatment, including Heroin, Oxycontin and Vicodin dependancy treatment. With 12 Step & Non-12 Step Extended Care treatment options, Psychiatrists and Doctorate and Masters level psychologists and Therapists, Morningside understands the complexities of treating opiate addiction. Please call our admissions team any time, they are available 24 hours per day.
    Visit the Morningside Recovery Opiate Dependency Treatment website        

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Sovereign Health
MOST INSURANCE ACCEPTED! Sovereign Health Group is a leading addictions & behavioral healthcare organization offering residential treatment programs for Detoxification, Addictions, Dual Diagnosis, Mental Health, and Eating Disorder conditions for adults and adolescents. We are Dually Licensed for substance abuse and mental health as well as Joint Commission accredited offering the highest standards for excellent patient care. Our programs offer evidence based treatment modalities, individualized treatment plans and therapy, and comprehensive and holistic programming. We accept and direct bill most PPO insurances for most of our programs. Call our Admissions Team today to discuss programs details, complete a free confidential assessment, and review insurance benefits and financial options by calling 866-896-4414.
    Visit the Sovereign Health website            

Visit the Capo By The Sea website  
Capo By The Sea
Capo By The Sea's mission is to guide alcoholics and addicts on the road to stable, long-term recovery. Capo By The Sea helps transform lives by providing the highest quality treatment and continuing care services, customized for the individual.By combining the most current therapeutic and cognitive behavioral methods with more traditional 12-step therapy, Capo By The Sea has consistently shown that a happy, long-term recovery from addiction is within reach for anyone willing to ask for help. CALL NOW: 800-230-2850
    Visit the Capo By The Sea website            

Visit the  website  
Malibu Horizon Heroin Treatment Program
Fast, comfortable heroin detox and heroin addiction treatment. At Malibu Horizon, we use Suboxone to insure the safest, most comfortable heroin detox possible. We are the best place for someone who wants to get off of heroin. We specialize in opiate, heroin detox and treating depression, bipolar, anxiety and panic disorder. The leader in heroin detox and successful treatment.
    Visit the Malibu Horizon Heroin Treatment Program website     Video for Malibu Horizon Heroin Treatment Program            

Visit the  website  
SOBA Recovery Center
Soba's success is world-renowned for treating all types of addictions & alcohol abuse. We treat the underlying issues as a primary concern & offer treatment plans specific to the individual. We recommend 90days or more for success with 1st time & chronic(multiple rehab)individuals. Services include 7-14day medical detox, 30-90day residential, & 6-12mo sober community living. Located in Malibu on the famous carbon beach. Proof that you can get high end treatment without high end price. Most insurance accepted, JCAHO accredited.
    Visit the SOBA Recovery Center website     Video for SOBA Recovery Center            

Visit the  website  
The Zen Recovery Path
The Zen Recovery Path seamlessly blends Ancient Far East healing traditions with modern addiction treatment and psychotherapy. Our program addresses the entire continuum of care from Detox to Intensive Inpatient to outpatient to transitional living to sober living to extended living. We believe that through our suffering we turn inward and focus on what truly matters in our lives. Through these ashes of anguish, we are reborn as spiritual beings walking a path NOT toward joy and freedom but a path OF joy and freedom. Free from the bondage of self. 800.759.1930
    Visit the The Zen Recovery Path website

Visit the Pathways Recovery Drug Treatment Center California website  
Pathways Recovery
Pathways Recovery is a residential inpatient drug & alcohol detox treatment facility located in Northern California near Sacramento. All participants are monitored 24 hours a day and assisted through their detox treatment by our caring, supportive and experienced staff. Call us for details of the program and an assessment to determine the length of stay needed and cost of the program. We are more affordable than comparable programs in Northern California, and we can assist you with insurance claims.
    Visit the Pathways Recovery website            

Visit the The River Source Drug and Alcohol Treatment website  
The River Source
The River Source,1-888-687-7332 is a residential/inpatient Holistic Treatment Center offering healing and hope to those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. The River Source is a unique recovery program which provides the best of both medical and naturopathic substance abuse treatment integrated with a 12-step approach. Our treatment is both affordable and effective.
    Visit the The River Source website     Video for The River Source    

Visit the CMR Recovery Residence website  
CMR Recovery Residence
The Highest Quality Program at the Lowest Possible Cost. Founded in 1942 under the guidance of Bill W. Comprehensive residential recovery. Flexible lengths of stays, compassionate staff, in a serene environment. The ultimate in confidentiality. $6,000 per month, private pay. Call now for more information, 1-800-269-0555.
    Visit the CMR Recovery Residence website

Visit the  website  
The Gabel Center
The Gabel Center is a substance abuse and dual-diagnosis treatment center located steps from the beach in beautiful Fort Myers Beach, FL. At the Gabel Center, we make use of the incredible ecosystem and incorporate eco-therapy into our treatment program. Call us or visit our site today. Experience recovery on Florida's beautiful coast!
    Visit the The Gabel Center website

Visit the  website  
California Recovery
Located in Southern California, our program provides a place to begin for the alcoholic and addict who has grown tired of a destructive, demoralizing way of life. California Recovery provides a complete treatment solution including Detox, Residential Treatment, Transitional Living and long-term Sober Living. The California Recovery program helps the alcoholic and drug addict through 12-step recovery. We offer an intense residential program, based on the 12-steps, with structured meetings, assignments and daily group and individual counseling.
    Visit the California Recovery website

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The Clearing
Looking for rehab that works? We guarantee results. We have a unique program unlike anything else you'll find. Our non-12 Step, evidence-based program heals the underlying core issues which cause addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. No shame or guilt. Insurance accepted & financing options available. Private room and bath. Intimate 8-room facility on beautiful San Juan Island, WA. Call us with questions - we're here to help. (425) 275-8600.
    Visit the The Clearing website            

Visit the  website  
Lakeview Health
If you are sick and tired and are ready to break the hold of heroin, we can help you. Lakeview Health has a comprehensive treatment program for heroin addiction. Our multidisciplinary team of certified addiction physicians, nurses, Masters level therapists will assist you in your recovery. Your heroin detox will be managed by our certified addiction physicians. You will not leave our facility addicted to a substitute drug. We utilize the best scientific treatment approaches and are dedicated to helping you become clean and healthy. Call for help now.
    Visit the Lakeview Health website            

Visit the  website  
Chapters Capistrano
Chapters Capistrano is the premier affordable luxury executive alcohol and drug rehab facility in California. Located in sunny Southern California, Chapters offers a unique blend of treatment options, services, location and amenities that are unmatched in the alcohol and drug treatment industry. Many alcohol and drug rehab centers in our region simply charge a high price based on their location. As you can see from our gallery of photos, our location and facility are the best you can find. However, we do not have the sticker shock of other luxury treatment centers. More importantly, we believe that our alcohol and drug treatment programs, clinical, medical and support staff are the best in the business. We invite you to peruse the features of our program below to see if Chapters Capistranos alcohol and drug treatment program is right for you or your loved one.
    Visit the Chapters Capistrano website            

Visit the  website  
Vida Wellness Center
At Vida Wellness Center in Costa Rica you will experience a primary care recovery program designed by our team of health care professionals to meet your individual needs. We offer a 14 day intensive program that will address your needs from many perspectives. Your treatment will take place in a luxury beach front home in the revitalizing setting of Costa Rica. Allow our caring staff and this healing environment to help guide you on your journey to better living. Our treatment program includes a complete medical exam by our staff MD and access to medically supervised detoxification and stabilization when necessary. Understanding what drives addiction begins the process of recovery and so we also offer counseling, talk therapy and EMDR psychotherapy. True healing comes from addressing all concerns of the body, mind and spirit and that is why our clients will also have full access to integrative medical therapies such as acupuncture, nutritional counseling, massage, colonic therapy, yoga, qi gong, guided meditation and more. We also understand that addiction can take a toll on friends and family and we invite your support group to participate in the healing process with you.
    Visit the Vida Wellness Center website    


Beachway Therapy Heroin Rehab Center
Beachway Therapy Center is a perfect conduit for heroin rehab providing unconditional support and compassion.

Buprenorphine Suboxone and Subutex Use for Opiate Addiction
Drug addiction treatment centers using Suboxone and Subutex for Opiate Addiction to Heroin and Pills. Substance abuse detox center information on addiction recovery programs using Suboxone and Subutex

CASA Recovery
Casa Recovery provides excellent California heroin treatment in a luxurious Orange County ocean side community.

Detox Center Using Suboxone for Heroin, Opiates
Naltrexone and Suboxone for opiate withdrawal during detoxification or detox from Opiates, Heroin, Oxycontin. Orange County, Ca.

Heroin Treatment Center - Timberline Knolls
A Leading Treatment Center for Women seeking heroin rehab, Timberline Knolls helps women and girls to strengthen themselves Spiritually, Emotionally, and Physically.

KLEAN Treatment Centers
KLEAN Treatment Centers has decades of experience to help you get free from your addiction to opiates. Don't lose everything you've worked for because of drugs or alcohol. Get KLEAN today.

Methadone Clinics for Opiate Addiction Treatment - CRC
Methadone clinics near you for prescription pill detox,opiate addiction and methadone maintenance treatment.

Scottsdale Recovery Center's Heroin Addiction Program
Scottsdale Recovery Center offers a comprehensive treatment program targeted at overcoming heroin addiction. Our expert staff of doctors, therapists and counselors are experienced in helping people overcome heroin addiction.

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