man bored on the couch

5 Ways to Attack Boredom in Recovery

Boredom, like alcohol, can be a comfortable retreat. Together, the two brew trouble for the recovering addict. Fight off boredom (and the temptations that come with it) with these simple steps.

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3 Steps to a Healthy Self-Evaluation

Know how to take a good look without picking yourself apart.

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woman reading on a couch

8 Reasons Why a Sober Living Home May Be Good for You

Re-entering life after rehab is a daunting task but you don't have to do it cold turkey.

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family eating at christmas table

A Survival Guide for Holiday Gatherings

What you need to stay happy and sober this season.

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happy couple

3 Tips for a Healthy Relationship

Do you know what it takes?

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woman holding a torn photo of her and boyfriend

5 Steps to Rebuilding a Relationship Destroyed by Drugs or Alcohol

Mending a broken relationship is hard but mending a broken relationship affected by addiction is harder. These steps guide you through the process, one sober day at a time.

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meditation pose

Mindful Meditation: Why It Works

Thoughts and emotions often control a person when it should really be the other way around.

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candles, rocks and bamboo spa atmosphere

Holistic Recovery: Grow Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Addiction doesn't just affect one part of life and neither should healing.

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lotus pose

Therapeutic Yoga: 4 Simple Poses to Get You Started

Know absolutely nothing about yoga? Not a problem. These poses are just for beginners and an easy way to bring change both on and off the mat.

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stones with inspirational words

5 Life Lessons I Learned from My Addict Clients

Addiction counselor Patricia McClanahan shares some of her clients' inspiring stories, and the important lessons they've taught her.

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Community Poll: What Is the Most Liberating Thing You've Done Since Becoming Sober?

Our forum members share their most freeing moments.

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girl against chainlink fence

Remembering My Last High

A personal account of an addict's last high, and what it was like being a homeless drug user, that will help others understand why it is important to remember your rock bottom, and the day you decided to get sober.

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6 Tips to Surviving Single Parenting

Be the sole head of your household without compromising sobriety.

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overstuffed suitcase

3 Ways to Help Prepare Your Teen for Rehab

It's not easy, but you're the support that they need.

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mom and daughter sitting on picnic blanket talking

6 Things to Know Before Talking to Your Child About Recovery

It's a conversation no one wants to have but it can make all the difference in your little one's life.

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man standing on platform looking at ocean

Life Unfiltered: The Greatest Creative Tool of All

The bravest and most raw thing an artist can do.

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Reel Recovery Film Festival logo

A REEL Look at Recovery

One man takes the very personal topic of addiction and recovery turns it into a national film festival.

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statue of greek god bacchus drinking wine

Treating Alcoholism: Have We Really Progressed?

The word "alcoholism" was first introduced in 1849 by a Swedish professor to describe the negative effects of alcohol. Since then, we've been exploring both the concept of alcoholism as well as treatment capabilities. After over a century of research on the topic, we should now ask ourselves: how far have we come?

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couple sitting on couch with woman crying

Letting Your Loved One Hit Bottom

Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to not do anything at all. When it comes to your loved one's addiction, letting go of your responsibility may be the only way they finally get in tune with theirs.

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struggling woman

Living with an Addict: 12 Tips for Coping

I wish I had known these 12 tips for coping with alcoholism and addiction while I was living with my alcoholic sister, who died of her disease at age 41 after having been a serious alcoholic over half her life.

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4 Healthy Ways to Support a Fellow Addict

What's the difference between supporting and enabling an addict? Learn the distinction, and 4 ways to be truly helpful in getting an addict on the road to recovery.

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social media on phone

Does Social Media Trivialize Addiction?

When are jokes about addiction more harmful than helpful? This article examines how social media and other media may over-trivialize addiction.

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