Sober Living

Broken and Bleeding: Emotional Trauma, Treatment & Recovery

By Toshia Humphries

In adulthood, it is necessary to become empowered and take the necessary steps to treat these unhealed emotional breaks and lac... Continue Reading

25 Things You'd Never Expect to Be Like Recovery

By Tess Chedsey

It's not hard to compare recovery to many other things in life. Here are 25 day-to-day items and activities that remind us of o... Continue Reading

11 Quotes About Addiction From Notable Figures

By Donn Gruta

Addiction is an age-old disease can affect anyone from all walks of life. Here are some noteworthy lines that continue to reson... Continue Reading



Explaining the “Come Here, Go Away” Dynamic in Adult Children of Addicts

By Toshia Humphries

Not all adult children of addicts have the same experiences, but experts say they all seem to share the same inability to provi... Continue Reading

4 Basic Attributes of a True Friend

By Dominica Applegate

Now that you're in recovery, your friendships may take on a new meaning or you may find yourself seeking new friends. Here are ... Continue Reading

13 Jokes Only Codependents Will Understand

By Dominica Applegate

It's time to lighten things up. Here are 13 highly relatable jokes only those struggling with codependency will understand. Continue Reading


In the News

Taking Away the Shame in Treating Pregnant Women with Addiction

By Laura Dorwart

Like any other addict, pregnant women with addictions need to be clinically supported to deal with any chemical dependency, phy... Continue Reading

Rabbi Mark: From Con Man to Recovery Healer

By Audrey Beim

From mobster to spiritual leader, Rabbi Mark can now safely say that he is no longer trapped in between two worlds. Continue Reading

The Addicts Comedy Tour: Something to Laugh About

By Audrey Beim

Recovery stand-up comedians Mark Lundholm and Kurtis Matthews bring a unique and transparent look at addiction through the lens... Continue Reading


Kids & Drugs

Signs That Signify Your Teen Might Be Using

By Elizabeth Seward

If you’re a parent of a teen (or even a pre-teen), keep your eyes vigilantly peeled for the following red flags. Any one of t... Continue Reading

Loving Your Kids to Death: The Hard Truth About Parenting in Addiction

By Toshia Humphries

Parenting is a challenge regardless of circumstance. However, when your kid is an addict, the parent role can become a confusin... Continue Reading

6 Ways to Cope With Your Child’s Addiction

By Elizabeth Seward

Your emotions will likely be all over the place when you learn your child is struggling with addiction, but there are still thi... Continue Reading


Personal Stories

My Story as an Adult Child of an Addict and How I Finally Chose Life

By Toshia Humphries

"My saving grace was a choice. By choosing myself, I not only dodged a bullet—I put down the gun. The gun that my dysfunction... Continue Reading

My Not-So-Typical 5 Stages of Grief

By Cassandra Huerta

Dealing with the death of a friend from your past life may not always take you down the Kübler-Ross model of grief. A writer s... Continue Reading

Community Poll: What was your favorite moment of 2015?

Our forum members share their personal highlights from this year. Continue Reading


Family & Friends

Distortion and Denial: Addiction's Two Most Powerful Body Guards

By Toshia Humphries

The relationship active addicts develop with drugs or alcohol becomes their most intimate and valued one, leaving people they o... Continue Reading

Acceptance vs. Enabling: The Difference Between a Caring Habit and a Destructive Pattern

By Toshia Humphries

Though the root of enabling is clearly prefaced with the seven caring habits, including but not limited to accepting, it does n... Continue Reading

5 Essential Components of a Successful Intervention

By Audrey Beim

We spoke with Addiction Intervention Specialist Kevin Dixon of KD Consulting to break down the 5 essential components of every ... Continue Reading


Healthy Living

How Hormonal Imbalances May Affect Recovery

By Mark Calarco

Responsible eating and regular exercise can replace many of the bad habits that contribute to relapse, but you should also keep... Continue Reading

3 Ways You Can Meditate at Work

By Audrey Beim

It's not hard to squeeze in a meditation ritual at the workplace. These 3 tips can help you improve not only your health, but a... Continue Reading

How Your Pillow Plays an Important Role in Recovery

By Benhilda Chanetsa

If you're experiencing restless nights, body pain and allergic reactions during recovery, your pillow may be the one to blame. Continue Reading



My loved one is currently in treatment. What role should I play in his or her recovery?

Professionals and everyday people give their unique perspectives. Continue Reading

My doctor prescribed me painkillers. How do I prevent myself from developing a prescription drug addiction?

We asked and you answered. Here are a few perspectives on this topic to help guide you through recovery. Continue Reading

I am depressed because my loved one won't stop drinking. Is there help for me?

Professionals and community members give their responses to this commonly asked question. Continue Reading



Why the Fight Against Marijuana Legalization is a Senseless Battle

By Tess Chedsey

The drug has medicinal purposes, low rates of addiction and the potential to be an American economic cash cow. Continue Reading

Josh Hamilton's Relapse: The Right Course of Action

By Audrey Beim

What should the verdict be for the Angels' superstar? Continue Reading

The Foundation of Frat Culture: Is It Brotherhood or Alcohol?

By M. Lujan

Examining an issue that has affected campuses nationwide. Continue Reading