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More than one million Peach State residents abuse at least one illicit drug each year. There are many drug rehab centers in Georgia from which to choose, from sober living houses in Atlanta to Christian drug rehab centers in Savannah.


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Lakeview Behavioral Health
Lakeview provides leading substance abuse recovery and co-occurring disorders treatment for adults and adolescents on an inpatient and outpatient basis. We approach addiction recovery using a multidisciplinary treatment team that works alongside our patients to ensure all of their needs are being met. Our experienced team will work with each patient and his or her family to create a plan of care for their stay with us that includes individualized treatment goals and a strong discharge plan that will ensure long lasting recovery. Our peaceful, serene environment allows those who come to us a safe place to begin their recovery from addiction and learn the life-skills needed for continued sobriety so that they can return to their community a happy, sober, and productive individual. Call us today at (678) 369-5520.
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Paradise Recovery Center
Paradise Recovery Center is unlike any other treatment center in the United States. Our breakthrough recovery program and luxurious residences set us apart from the rest. If you've been struggling with addiction and are ready to take your life back, give us a call and learn about your options. Call (877) 858-1598
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RiverWoods Behavioral Health
RiverWoods is a leading inpatient rehab program for individuals who require treatment for addiction, depression and co-occurring disorders. Our dedicated staff provides our clients their medical services with a combination of dedication, professionalism, and personalized care. It is the mission of RiverWoods to provide a setting where people receive care that allows them to regain hope and direction in a supportive, considerate, and empathetic environment. We strive to set the standard of excellence in the treatment of behavioral health disorders and addition disorders. Call and speak to an admissions counselor today at (770) 280-1101.
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The Providence Women's Center for Recovery
The Providence Women's Recovery Center was created to fill the void of Affordable Faith-Based Addiction Care that any family can afford. Because our program is an outreach of Providence Ministries, your cost is subsidized by sales from our thrift stores and from donations. Fly In And Still Save! We offer 90 days of compassionate all-inclusive addiction care for just $3,900, w/ no hidden cost. Call 706-275-0268 today because space is extremely limited.
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Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center
Blue Ridge Mountain Recovery Center offers those suffering from addiction with hope for recovery and a life free from the bonds of this debilitating disease. We are a residential treatment center providing science-based medical and clinical steps to help our clients begin the journey to recovery. Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains just 45 minutes north of Atlanta, we provide a secure and serene setting for patients to take the first step toward freedom from addiction. Call us today for a free confidential assessment at (877) 454-9718.
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Capo By The Sea
Capo By The Sea's mission is to guide alcoholics and addicts on the road to stable, long-term recovery. Capo By The Sea helps transform lives by providing the highest quality treatment and continuing care services, customized for the individual.By combining the most current therapeutic and cognitive behavioral methods with more traditional 12-step therapy, Capo By The Sea has consistently shown that a happy, long-term recovery from addiction is within reach for anyone willing to ask for help. CALL NOW: 800-230-2850
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Lakeview Health
If you are tired of being addicted to drugs or alcohol and you are ready to get help, then call now. Lakeview Health is an award winning leader in addiction treatment. Men and women travel across the country to attend our comprehensive, medically based drug and alcohol detox and addiction treatment program. Our multidisciplinary team of certified addiction medical professionals can address your problems and provide you with an individualized treatment plan. We will never leave you stranded, and will develop a comprehensive aftercare plan as well. Call now to learn more.
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Hotel California by the Sea
Based steps from the sand in Newport Beach, Hotel California By The Sea offers a variety of exceptional age & gender specific programs for Men & Women specifically tailored to treat Addiction and Co-Occurring psychological disorders. The Accommodations are Luxurious, and our Clinical Care is second to none. We offer detox, residential, partial, IOP, support & monitoring. Treatment is truly individualized. Daily, Case Managers discuss programming options with each client, then collaborate with the Treatment Team and develop the following day's personalized schedule. Clients are allowed the dignity to pursue healthy personal interests, and are encouraged to set personal goals; our staff will assist and support clients towards the achievement of their goals. Clients are allowed Internet access & monitored use of their laptops & phones after the detoxification process. Hotel California has an excellent family program and welcomes family participation in the recovery process. Weekly, Clients receive 10-15 Therapeutic Groups, 2 Individualized Therapy Sessions, 5 Individualized Case Management Sessions, 5-7 Beach walking meetings, on-site massage, Beach Activities, quality 12 Step Meetings in the NB Community, exclusive gym membership. In addition, all meals are prepared by a full-time chef offering individualized meal planning. At Hotel California, we enjoy the natural beauty all around us. Our clients participate in one on one therapy sessions on the beach, and group sessions on the Orca Too, a 70 foot Pleasure Yacht. The experiential therapies & activities we offer are endless. Our goal is to create a therapeutic atmosphere that allows each client to connect with their inner self, their interests, passions, purpose, and re-establish meaning to their lives. We teach, coach, and mentor our clients on how to develop a healthy living lifestyle; one where they can become empowered and free.
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Beacon House Recovery
GET HELP NOW - The Beacon House, located on the Monterey Peninsula on the coast of Northern California, is an addiction treatment center for adult men and women seeking to realize a lifetime without alcohol and other drugs. As one of the first recovery facilities in the Western United States, the not-for-profit, Beacon House offers a warm, homelike setting for those in need of a safe, comfortable environment as they begin a path to recovery. For more information visit or call (866) 367-7164, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
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Penfield Christian Homes
CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN 6 WEEKS. Convenient locations in North, Central and South Georgia. Call Us Now (24/7) Toll-Free: 1-866-KICK-DRUGS (1-866-542-5378)
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Drug Abuse Treatment in Georgia
Transformations Treatment Center is a premier addiction treatment facility, using a combination of traditional and alternative therapies. Transformations has helped hundreds of recovering addicts heal their mind, body and spirit. Helping our Georgia clients return to or discover a rich, fulfilling life is the Transformations mission. Our treatment makes the client as comfortable as possible. A low client-to-therapist ratio maximizes personal attention. The homelike condo apartment setting, including a private bedroom and bath, avoids the cold hospital-like atmosphere of many other treatment centers. With family weekends and outreach programs, we provide the maximum support possible for a clean, drug-free life.
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Turning Point
Turning Point is a nationally recognized leader in addiction rehabilitation services for young men. Located in Connecticut, we were founded on the principal that while young men in early recovery need continued structure, guidance, peer support and clinical services, they also need to learn how to have fun in sobriety. To achieve this, we infuse individualized intensive substance abuse treatment with a wide variety of recreational activities such as skiing, mixed martial arts, camping, musical recording sessions, paintball and more into our three phase step down model. This unique "phase reintegration" model is a recovery building block approach, where each phase is designed to build upon the previous one. It exposes young men to a drug free world gradually, as their coping skills, self-esteem and recovery tools become sufficient to identify and navigate potential threats to sobriety.
CALL US NOW 203-937-2309
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Help For Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Georgia

Rehabs in Georgia provide rehabilitation and recovery services for drug and alcohol addictions. There are a number of treatment program options. Initially, patients are made aware of their drug habits and how these habits are harming their bodies and their lives. The treatment programs are designed to help rid the body of addictive substances and help the patient in overcome his dependence on drugs. Treatment provide physiological and mental readjustment through meditation, yoga and other therapeutic exercises. Some centers may employ therapies such as allopathic, homeopathy, Ayurveda and naturopathy to treat addicts. Rehabs also provide patients with self-help techniques that involve conducting private meetings where addicts learn from other recovered addicts how to overcome addiction and lead a clean and sober life. Learn more about the drug and alcohol rehabs in GA by browsing through our directory of top rehabilitation centers.

Assisted Recovery Center
We believe addiction is a brain-based disorder that is medically treatable, and for the first time in nearly 50 years, a medication has been approved for the treatment of alcohol and opiate dependence

Bethesda House of Mercy
Christian faith-based ministry designed to help women with drug and alcohol dependencies. A residential program located in Southeast Georgia.

Bonner Brothers Transitional Housing
We are actively involved in contributing to adults transitioning into a higher standard of living. Our main mission is to provide services for alcohol, substance abuse users and ex-offenders.

Focus Health Care
Alcohol abuse and drug addiction treatment information for facilities located in St. Simons Island, Georgia.

GraceWay Residential Treatment For Women.
GraceWay's staff, administrators and volunteers constantly strive to be living witnesses to the Four Absolutes and Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. Within the framework of these values

Metropolitan Serenity House
Individualized, extended-care treatment for men ages 15-28. Serenity House operates a private, accredited, drug-free high school exclusively for our clients.Leader in the treatment of substance abuse

Phoenix Alliance
A non-denominational substance abuse for the homeless.

South Crescent
Provides treatment, education, and prevention services for alcohol and drug abuse as well as other living problems.

St. Jude's Recovery Center
Innovative alcoholism and drug addiction treatment and prevention. Residential and outpatient services. In Atlanta, GA.

Extended outpatient treatment based on the philosophy that chemical dependency is a chronic, relapsing disease. Atlanta, Georgia.

The Agora House for Men
Affordable residential treatment center combatting the effects of alcoholism and addiction with focus on substance abuse relapse prevention, nestled in North Georgia.

Willingway Hospital
Willingway Hospital offers treatment for women, men & children beginning recovery from alcoholism, drug addiction, substance abuse, chemical dependency.

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