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Anxiety disorders and panic attacks are common psychological conditions and can interfer with the quality of ones life and happiness. Panic treatment centers offer in-depth counseling and therapy sessions as well as medication management and strategies for coping with and avoiding anxiety inducing triggers.


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The Clearing
Looking for rehab that works? We guarantee results. We have a unique program unlike anything else you'll find. Our non-12 Step, evidence-based program heals the underlying core issues which cause addiction, eating disorders, anxiety, and depression. No shame or guilt. Insurance accepted & financing options available. Private room and bath. Intimate 8-room facility on beautiful San Juan Island, WA. Call us with questions - we're here to help. (425) 275-8600.
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Timberline Knolls Treatment Center
Located on 43 tranquil acres, Timberline Knolls is an internationally respected residential treatment center for women and girls suffering with an eating disorder, substance abuse, or a mood disorder. Our staff of compassionate MDs, PhDs, and clinical experts provides treatment that is individualized, holistic, and nurturing. We meet each woman where she is in facing her challenges, and help her to restore her authentic self from the inside out. Call (877) 246-8014 for a free screening.
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Anxiety Disorders Association of America (ADAA)

Agoraphobia, Anxiety Info/Support: ENcourage Connection
ENcourage Connection, The Internet Home of ENcourage Newsletter, is dedicated to providing quality information, inspiration and ideas for those working toward recovery from excessive anxiety, panic an

Learn more about emotional health issues like anxiety, depression, ADHD, sleep difficulty and panic attacks. Find solutions that can help.

Anxiety and Stress Disorders Clinic Prevention and Treatment
For the Prevention and Treatment of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety Book Store: Over 220 Current Books!
Extensive collection of the latest and best-selling help books for Anxiety Disorders.

Anxiety Coach
A free self-help guide for people with panic attacks and anxiety problems, including fear of flying, stagefright, social anxiety, agoraphobia, and phobias of all kinds.

Anxiety disorders: information and support for family members, schools, caregivers and employers

Anxiety Disorders Association of British Columbia
A nonprofit society formed to increase awareness of anxiety disorders and currently available treatments.

Anxiety Disorders Association of Victoria
Support groups that provide friendship, encouragement and recovery management.We assist people that suffer from Panic Disorder, Social Phobia, Agoraphobia, Generalized Anxiety and Depression...

Center for Anxiety and Stress Treatment
Anxiety? Stress? Panic? Phobias? Worry? Our resources can help you manage and regain control of your life. Visit our site to find out how we can help you reduce stress, become free from panic atta

Fortunately there is help for sufferers of anxiety conditions. It is never too late to begin anew, and live a normal, happy life free of debilitating anxiety

Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety Disorders
A World Health Organization Collaborating Centre. Treatment and research for the Anxiety Disorders, Computerised Diagnostic and Treatment Aids, publications for Mental Health Professionals.

Evelyn Goodman, PsyD., MFT
This site discusses anxiety disorder treatment and recovery issues; has articles, recommended reading, self-help, and related links.

Focus Adolescent Services
Help for troubled teens and healing for families. Free resources, schools, programs, support groups, state directory of helping organizations, listing of national hotlines and helplines.

FREE ANXIETY HELPLINE For Treatment of Anxiety Attacks,Anxiety Symptoms,Ago
Anxiety Busters offers Free Anxiety Helpline and Self-Help Program for those suffering with anxiety. New innovative methods, skills and tools for anxiety suffering from panic attacks, anxiety symptoms

Freedom From Fear Forever
Freedom From Fear Forever teaches you the 21st Century Alternative Technique effectively eliminating your fears, phobias, anxieties, addictions and more.

Healing Panic
Anxiety and panic attacks, treatment, how to recover. Free information, tapes and programs.... Anxiety Community
Where we share information on anxiety, panic disorders, phobias. Support groups, very active anxiety disorders chat, online diaries, buddy lists.
Offers insight into anxiety-related problems and a self help approach to begin to deal with them.

HOPE Support Group for Anxiety, Panic, Agoraphobia & Depression
Panic Disorder, Agoraphobia, Self Help, Support, Anxiety, Panic Attack, Depression, Housebound, Therapy, Medication, Symptoms

National Phobics Society UK
Our belief is that those who have experienced anxiety disorders are best placed to provide support to sufferers because they are able to truly understand the impact these conditions have on people.

Panic and Anxiety Hub
Information and resources for people who experience panic attacks and/or an an anxiety disorder

Panic Disorders Institute
Dedicated to the clinical care of patients, public education and ongoing research concerning all aspects of panic disorder.

Panic/Anxiety Disorders
Resources and support for people recovering from anxiety and panic disorders including links, articles, pen pals, news, chat, bulletin board, newsletter and more.

We offer information and resources as well as the profiles of the leaders and members who make up our support network. Whether you are a sufferer or know someone who is, we invite you to learn more...

PanicZone is a support group to help others who suffer from panic attacks and anxiety problems along with agoraphobia. There is an e-mail list that you can join, and be able to be in contact ...

SAD Links
Social Anxiety Disorder-Social Phobia Cognitive Behavior Group & Individual Treatment Options.

Social Anxiety help
Shy? Unassertive? Self-conscious? Embarrass easily? Public speaking fear? Avoid socializing? Difficulty meeting people or talking in groups? Think of yourself as fundamentally different?

Social Anxiety Institute Home Page
The Social Anxiety Institute provides therapy for social anxiety disorder (social phobia), the largest anxiety disorder.

Social Anxiety Support
The purpose of this site is to provide structured interactive forums and special programs to help those who suffer from social anxiety disorder (social phobia).

Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Association
Social Phobia/Social Anxiety Association, a non-profit organization, seeks to educate the public about the largest anxiety disorder -- social phobia

Stressed For Success
Alleviate anxiety, tackle tension and stop stress with personal and corporate programs, products, and techniques.
Because of the astounding success rate of the TERRAPĀ® Program it has received world wide recognition and acclaim through the national media; on radio, television, and in featured in...

The Anxiety Network International Home Page
Social Anxiety Disorder (social phobia), panic, and generalized anxiety disorder are covered by The Anxiety Network.

The Ross Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders
"Jerilyn Ross is a pioneer in the treatment of people with phobias...She's helped me overcome my phobias, and she can help you overcome yours." Willard Scott, TODAY...

The Social Anxiety Network Home Page
The Social Anxiety Network comprehensively covers Social Anxiety Disorder (social phobia), the third largest mental health care problem

TRANX provides information and counselling for people dependent on tranquillisers and sleeping pills.

Veritas Programming
Phobias ... Panic Attacks ... Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder ... Obsessions and Compulsions ... Chronic Worrying... We have developed free booklets about about problem anxiety and

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