using the law of attraction during recovery

The Law of Attraction for Treating Addiction


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using the law of attraction during recovery

When the movie The Secret came out some years back, many people became interested in the law of attraction because the movie really emphasized how people can take control of their thought life and utilize the law of attraction to be a “goodness” magnet. With the assumption that we are all made up of vibrating energy at our core, the theory goes that as we put our attention on something, we get more of the same.

For example, if you tend to think a lot of negative thoughts, according to the law of attraction those thoughts carry a low energy vibration and as such, attract other low energy vibration things into your life like unfortunate financial circumstances or people who treat you badly. Essentially, like attracts like, so if you focus on the negative, you get more negative things. If you focus on the positive, you get more positive things.

The law of attraction asserts that you attract the same kind of energy you put out.

The Law of Attraction and Recovery

Focusing on an optimistic attitude is very important in recovery, but another key component for manifesting the kind of life you want is action. You’ve got to not only think positively, but you’ve got to take positive action toward your goals as well.

Some law of attraction followers simply believe that if they think something up, it will automatically happen, or manifest, but the truth is that your actions must back your thoughts and beliefs up. For example, if you just sit around and think about staying sober, but you don’t do anything to foster that sobriety like attend meetings, counseling, read books, listen to positive audio, etc., you might not stay sober very long.

The same thing goes for anything, like getting a job, paying your car off, buying a house, etc. If you just think about these things without putting forth some action, you’re far less likely to see them become a reality in your life.

A New Way to Fill the Void

Alcoholics tend to drink to escape a painful reality and try to fill this void or emptiness that is inside them. They drink to dull the pain and sort of enter into a new reality, even though it is temporary. When they get sober, that emptiness is usually still there, so it is important to begin a new journey toward self-fulfillment and peace.

The law of attraction can help those in recovery by helping them see that happiness is not really outside of them, but inside them. Happiness just sort of naturally occurs as recovering alcoholics align themselves with the universe (or God, The Source, Higher Power, Buddha, etc.) and feel as if they are fulfilling their purpose. It also helps them to take responsibility for their thought life and actions, which is necessary to really experience change in life.

You can gain a lot of insight from the Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the serenity

to accept the things I cannot change;

courage to change the things I can;

and wisdom to know the difference.

The serenity that you seek can be found when you live a life of purpose without using alcohol or drugs to cloud your mind. Using the law of attraction, one simple purpose is to align yourself with good thoughts, words, and actions, as this will get some positive momentum going. The law of attraction can certainly help you in many ways, so continue to learn about it. After all, millions tout that it has helped transform their lives. May it help you change the course your life for the better beginning today.

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