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The Importance of the Alcoholics Anonymous Christmas Meeting


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focus shot of Christmas tree at an event

As the holiday season is upon us, one of the most critical and reliable Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) promises to remember is “you are never alone,” not even on Christmas. For those who are available, the Christmas day meeting can be very beneficial during a time when all sorts of temptations are thrown our way. And while COVID-19 may yet again alter plans for in-person meetings, there are still online AA meetings one can attend on Christmas.

Why Does the Christmas Meeting Matter?

In the continual path of recovery, Christmas day really is no different than any other day. It is another day to stay sober just like any other day and the same kind of support is needed. However, because of the faster pace that often comes with the holiday season, Christmas can be a time to put in extra care and attention to your sobriety.

In the continual path of recovery, Christmas Day really is no different than any other day. Here's why recovery meeting rooms across the country leave their doors open on December 25.

For some people, Christmas may be when they need support the most. This may be especially true for people who are spending their holiday away from family, those considering using the holidays as a reason to get sober, and those trying to reunite with former recovery peers.

An Unlikely After-Party

While Christmas meetings will inevitably have less attendance, there are still meetings that turn into full-blown recovery Christmas parties. Given the close familial bonds that often develop between group members, some people want to spend the festive day with those they care about in the program. So what better way to celebrate the season than with those who’ve walked alongside you through the journey? The festivities are just as lively and fun and it’s a safe place where you don’t have to worry about the risk of relapse.

As we know, sobriety brings along a myriad of blessings. Whether you need a reminder this holiday season or simply want to pass on this Christmas cheer to others, there are recovery rooms meeting all across the country on December 25 because, just like any other day, your recovery is of utmost importance.

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