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Originally Posted by PhoenixJ View Post
Hello. I worked very hard to get all the 'stuff' my family never had. BUT I did it drinking- increasingly more heavily. In a doctorate program, great academic job, nuclear wonderful family. BUT it did not feel right. Because I got it all drunk. I felt a liar. A hypocrite. So my solution? Not give a toss and drink myself (indirectly but literally) to death. Now I have lost everything. You are seeking answers to questions about your life. With big changes in your life coming up- well I moved, changed jobs, but the reasons for me drinking did not stay in the old house or the old job. They followed me. I hope you get support for this- otherwise in 10 years time you may look back at the post you shared and wished the outcomes were different.
Support to you. Keep posting. PJ
thanks for your post! It sounds like you had it all at some point and your demons took it away. Addiction will definitely push all that is good, all that you've worked for and feel proud of away. And how do we deal with it? By sinking further into our 'outlets' so that we don't have to address the reality of it all.
You're right when you say how no matter what changes happen in your life addiction will tag along to them all until you learn to cut the cord. Thank you for your wishes of support and also back to you. If you managed to work and succeed in all the things you did before then it's in you and within reach to bounce back and make yourself proud and strong again
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