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Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center Directory:

Over 2500 Resources in 60 Categories

Our rehab directory includes hundreds of the best drug rehab and drug addiction treatment centers nationwide as well as local drug rehab centers listed by each State.

Residential Alcohol Rehab and Addiction Treatment facilities are listed as well as detox centers to help detox from alcohol or prescription pills

Drug treatment centers sober houses, half-way houses and sober living homes.

Listings for troubled teens and young adult residential treatment centers, outdoor wilderness programs offering substance abuse and dual diagnosis behavioral help for teens.

A comprehensive guide to the best drug rehabs, residential substance abuse treatment and detox centers for adults, adolescents, and troubled teens.

Inpatient hospitals treatment centers, heroin and opiate detox from prescription pill addiction: Suboxone detox clinics - Suboxone approved Doctors.

Search over 2500 resources for sober living homes, gambling addiction, and residential treatment facilities.

Adolescent residential treatment centers, teen drug rehabs and hundreds of drug and alcohol addiction listings for help, support and information.

SoberRecovery lists the Top Treatment and Detox Centers in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Carribean and around the world.

A range of programs are available from residential treatment, extended care, transitional living to outpatient treatment. If you are interested in a non-coed environment, we have listings for men only and women only facilities.

The specialized listings doesn't end here, we also have gay, lesbian, bi-sexual and transgender listings within our directory. Busy executives and high profile clients may find treatment facilities which offers premium services for them.

Not looking for a solution with a 12-step approach? Holistic treatment and non-12 step programs may be the solution. Ranging from faith based treatment to relapse prevention, these programs and methods can treat from crystal meth, prescription pills, dual diagnosed, sex addictions and eating disorders.

Not sure where to begin, complete our confidential online drug and alcohol assessment form, contact an interventionist for immediate help or contact a placement specialist who will help determine the types of treatment options available.

Getting treatment should not difficult to obtain, if you need need a legal specialist to financing for your treatment, SoberRecovery has listed the facilities who are insurance accepted or non-insurance accepted.

Inside the directory are 12-step meeting lists including Alcoholics Anonymous ®, Gamblers Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous ® and Al-Anon Meetings as well as 12 Step Alternatives , Self-Help, and Faith-Based Drug Treatment.

Information help and support for alcoholics, addicts, their friends family and loved ones. Support groups in all 50 States plus our own 25,000 Member SoberCommunity known as our very own SoberForums.

The SoberForums are always open 24 hours a day- with helpful moderators in our community message boards.

A Quick Guide to Finding an Effective Drug Rehab or Alcoholism Addiction Treatment Facility:

If you or someone you care for is dependent on alcohol or drugs and needs treatment, it is important to know that no single treatment approach is appropriate for all individuals. Finding the right Drug Rehab Program involves careful consideration of such things as the setting, length of care, philosophical approach and your or your loved one's needs. Drug Addiction Treatment is a personal choice that must fit your personality.

Here are 12 questions to consider when selecting a treatment program:

Does the program accept your insurance? If not, will they work with you on a payment plan or find other means of support for you?

Is the program run by state-accredited, licensed and/or trained professionals?

Is the drug rehab facility clean, organized and well-run?

Does the program encompass the full range of needs of the individual (medical: including infectious diseases; psychological: including co-occurring mental illness; social; vocational; legal; etc.)?

Does the treatment program also address sexual orientation and physical disabilities as well as provide age, gender and culturally appropriate treatment services?

Is long-term aftercare support and/or guidance encouraged, provided and maintained?

Is there ongoing assessment of an individual's treatment plan to ensure it meets changing needs?

Does the program employ strategies to engage and keep individuals in longer-term treatment, increasing the likelihood of success?

Does the program offer counseling (individual or group) and other behavioral therapies to enhance the individual's ability to function in the family/community?

Does the program offer medication as part of the treatment regimen, if appropriate?

Is there ongoing monitoring of possible relapse to help guide patients back to abstinence?

Are services or referrals offered to family members to ensure they understand addiction and the recovery process to help them support the recovering individual?

Alcoholism, Addiction and How to Quit

Why do people use alcohol and other drugs? Basically, people use substances such as alcohol and other drugs because they like the way these substances make them feel. Because of the disease concept mood altering pleasure is a powerful force. Your brain is wired in such a way that if you do something that gives you pleasure you will probably want to do it again. All drugs that are addicting can activate and affect the brain's pleasure circuit.

What is addiction? Addiction is a disease that affects your brain and your behavior. When you become addicted to alcohol or other drugs, your brain actually changes in certain ways. Someone who is addicted uses drugs without thinking of the consequences, such as problems with health, money, relationships and performance at work or at school.

What drugs can cause addiction? People can become addicted to illegal drugs and to drugs that doctors prescribe. People can also become addicted to things they may not think of as drugs, such as alcohol and the nicotine in cigarettes or smokeless tobacco.

How do I know if I have a problem? You have a problem with drugs or alcohol if you continue to use them even when they cause problems with your health, money, work or school, or with your relationships. You may have a problem if you have developed a tolerance to drugs or alcohol. This means you need to use more and more to get the same effect.

Can addiction be treated? Yes, but addiction is a chronic (going on for a long time), relapsing disease. It may take a number of attempts before you can remain free of drugs or alcohol.

What treatments are available? Treatment can include detox, counseling,12 step groups, adolescent, medication,12 step alternatives, Overeaters Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, Alateen, Christian Recovery or Al-Anon Your doctor will help you find the treatment that is right for you.

How can I quit abusing drugs or alcohol? The first step in breaking addiction is to understand that you can take control of what you do. You can't control all the things that happen in your life or most of what other people do, but you do have control over how you react. So use that control. Look in our forums to see how others have recovered.

Drug Rehab Information

Determining whether you need drug rehab is the first step. You should consider several factors when researching drug rehab facilities. Below are some factors to consider when choosing an alcohol & drug rehab center for yourself or a loved one:

1. Is the drug rehab center state-licensed? State-licensed alcohol and drug rehab facilities are upheld to a more strict set of guidelines and subject to routine inspections to ensure the quality of care given meets standards.

2. Does the drug rehab offer state-licensed detox? Many drug rehab facilities offer no medically supervised detox services. Ask what method of detoxification is used at the drug rehab facility.

3. Is the drug treatment program comprehensive? Addiction is a 3-part malady that affects mind, body and spirit. A good treatment program has components that address all three.

4. What are the treatment program staff credentials? Most drug rehabiltiation facilities offer psychiatrists, psychologies, therapists, certified drug & alcohol counselors, educational modules, holistic procedures such as acupuncture, nutrition or diet, medical personnel and group support that works as a team to address the healing process. The counseling staff should be accredited. It’s also helpful if staff members have their own successful recovery experience to offer in order to relate to clients on a personal as well as professional level.

5. How many people superivise that drug rehab clients? The more professional staff, the better.

6. Where is the treatment facility located? Location can be an important part of an individuals success. Many seek drug rehab centers close to home thinking that being near familiar surroundings is an advantage. However, where one learns harmful habits may not be the best place to learn healthy ones. Change requires focus and the familiarity of people, places and things can be distracting from the recovery process. Leaving familiar surroundings can help a successful outcome.

7 Avoid the “one-size-fits-all” approach in drug rehab. There are as many variations of alcohol & drug addiction as there are people seeking help. Search for facilities that have specialized programs or that see you as an individual struggling with specific drug and alcohol addiction. Look for a treatment facility that will treat you as an individual and not a file number.

8. Decide which treatment style fits you. The majority of alcohol & drug rehab centers employ the 12-step approach while others emphasize cognitive and behavioral therapy with group support minus the 12-step emphasis. Research which method you be most meaningful to you.


Drug Rehabilitation

Choosing the place for drug rehabilitation that will meet your needs is a very important matter. With the many different rehabilitation centers listed at, you can find the right program and the location that is nearest you. If you are looking for a drug rehabilitation center, you or someone you care about already knows that there is a problem that involves substance abuse. will help by providing you with a directory of centers including all of the pertinent information you need to select the right one for you.

There are numerous factors to consider when making the decision on a drug rehabilitation center. For many, finding one that is located close to home is the first priority. It is also important to know how much you will have to pay for drug rehabilitation treatment. Even though you may have found a center which is nearby and that you can afford, you should also consider some other important factors that will make a significant difference in the outcome of your treatment. Not all centers offer the same type of therapy and you should know if you have a preference for a particular type of treatment program before making your decision. For some, a 12-step program is the best option while for others, a holistic program or faith-based therapy is a more desirable approach to treatment.

Another consideration when determining which drug rehabilitation center will best meet your needs is whether it accepts both men and women or if you would be more comfortable in a center with your gender only. There are also drug rehabilitation centers that specialize in young adults aged 18 to 27 as well as those that are specifically for mature adults aged 55 and older. You might also want to consider a facility that specializes in the type of addiction you are seeking treatment for. Many people find it useful when they have others with them who have the same addiction to help them work through their abuse issues.

Whatever your addiction is, is a great way to start the search for the right drug rehabilitation center. They understand that you are looking for help with a problem that you are struggling with and they can help you get that help. Getting drug rehabilitation can give you the hope that you might not realize you still have. A center will provide you with professional care for your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing in order to get past the damage that has been done by your addiction. Most centers have 24 hour supervision that allows limited connection with the outside world while you concentrate on the rehab program that will bring you the future you deserve.

Go to to search for the drug rehabilitation center that has all the important features to meet your specific needs. In addition to providing you with the links to facilities all across the country, they also offer a lot of information to help you understand drug addiction and more about the different types of rehabilitation programs available.

Advertising on the SoberRecovery™ Network

Since 2000 has been the most visited web site of its kind on the internet. With over 2500 resources in 60 categories and over two million pages in our SoberCommunity, we are a virtual yellow pages for Alcoholism and Addictions Help. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, visitors come to SoberRecovery for drug rehab and treatment referrals, detox, counseling and therapy, eating disorder resources and more.

Advertising on SoberRecovery is much more than just banner ads. Your facilities and services will be visible to thousands of qualified, targeted and motivated viewers each day.

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As a SoberRecovery sponsor, you'll get targeted traffic through banner and text listings in multiple categories, each individually indexed by Google®, Yahoo®, and MSN®. In the Google directory alone we have over 150 top-ten and top-twenty addiction and recovery related listings.

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Request a free listing

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For more information please review our media kit SoberRecovery Media Kit, or to get started this week, please contact Internet Brands, the exclusive agent for advertising and promotions on You can call us direct at 866-748-0501.

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People do recover, every single day. From alcoholism and drug addiction, dual diagnosis, abuse and trauma, overeating, gambling, codependency and more, people do get better. They rarely do it alone. If help is what you seek, we hope you'll find it here...

SoberRecovery® & SoberRecovery Community Forums lists hundreds of drug rehab centers, drug addiction treatment and alcoholism treatment resources in the U.S., Canada, and Overseas. Prescription pill detox, Rapid opiate detox clinics using Suboxone and Subutex, medically-managed detoxification, and help and information for heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and crystal meth treatment programs. If you want to stop abusing drugs and alcohol you must have options. Inpatient Residential, Day-Treatment, Outpatient and both 12 Step Programs or 12 Step Alternatives exist and for every individual, there is a way to get sober and stay sober. Young Adults and Troubled Teens don't have to hit the bottom some of us hit. Today there are programs for troubled teens, wilderness camps, and schools for teenagers struggling with early addiction.

Twelve Step Programs are a powerful tool for those struggling with substance abuse. There are hundreds of listings for Alcoholics Anonymous® meetings, Narcotics Anonymous® meetings as well as Al-Anon®, Naranon, CoDa and many other 12 Step fellowships. is now in its 9th year of helping addicts, alcoholics, dual diagnosed, their friends family and loved ones find hope...and help. Before we were addicts, before we were overeaters, bi-polar, alcoholic or codependent-we are your sons, daughters, husbands, wives friends and family members.
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