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Co-occurring Disorders

Man looks at adult content on a computer

A Sex Therapist’s Response to Pamela Anderson’s Anti-Porn Piece

By Joanne Chu

Due to all the back and forth on this topic, we reached out to Stefanie Carnes, daughter of the famous Patrick Carnes, who is a... Continue Reading

Woman in recovery struggles with social media obsession

The Dark Side of Social Media

By Toshia Humphries

For individuals in recovery, social media can become another way to avoid, escape or distract oneself from reality. Continue Reading

Blue and red boxing gloves

Conflict Addiction: Who It Affects and Why It Happens

By Kasey Cook

A conflict addict may be characterized as a person who will risk everything for the thrill of an argument and the subconscious ... Continue Reading

Woman shifts addiction from abusing substances to working out late at night

Substitute Addictions: A Dangerous Reality

By Toshia Humphries

Aside from sex, eating and gambling disorders, there are other substitute addictions that are much harder to recognize. Continue Reading

Are You a Love Addict? Here are 5 Defining Stages

By Dominica Applegate

Love addiction, or codependency, is a silent killer of relationships and causes an enormous amount of pain. As with any addicti... Continue Reading

frustrated woman looking down and holding onto her head

5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Substance Abuse is a Symptom of an Underlying Psychological Problem

Here are 5 tell-tale signs your substance abuse is really a symptom of a larger mental health issue. Continue Reading

woman taking a selfie

Selfie Addiction: Editing for Perfection

By Dominica Applegate

Like many other addictions, there are large underlying issues to be addressed. Continue Reading

figures separated and broken hearted

It's Not You, It's All of Us: Why Being Addicted to an Ex Just Means You're Human

By Joanne Chu

Struggling to move on from an ex isn't a sign of weakness; it's simply a sign that you've loved. Continue Reading

A Full Spectrum Look at Anxiety

By Nina Bradshaw

There's general anxiety and then there's anxiety that constitutes as a disorder. Here's to a complete understanding of the vary... Continue Reading

The "Crazy Ex": A Scientific Explanation

By M. Lujan

Learn about the science of adult attachment and what exactly causes the obsessive "crazy ex" phenomenon. Continue Reading

New App Puts Suicide Prevention at Physicians' Fingertips

By Kelly McClanahan

SAMHSA has released a mobile app to help mental health professionals and other healthcare providers prevent suicide. Find out h... Continue Reading

7 Ways to Address Impulse Control Disorder

By Dominica Applegate

Struggling with impulse control disorder can wreak havoc in one's life. Here are some great ways you can begin to manage sympto... Continue Reading

4 Ways Grief Can Be Treated by Mental Health Professionals

By Liemann Valdimar

Prolonged and excessive grief can impair someone's life and lead to maladaptive behaviors. By seeking professional help, you ca... Continue Reading

Sex Addiction: Fact or Fiction?

By Rudolph Hatfield

Despite the breadth of research done on sex addiction, its diagnosis has remained controversial. Find out what the experts say ... Continue Reading

Social Media Addiction and Substance Abuse

A study shows that there may be a link between the two. Continue Reading