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Withdrawal from Pain Pill Addiction


Each individual will experience the symptoms of withdrawal from pain medication, if a person has developed an addiction to pain medication and decides to take charge of their life. The process of being taken off the pills differs from one person to another but there are common side-effects that almost everyone experiences. Understanding what they are before the process begins, can help anyone to deal with them better.

The most prevalent symptom of withdrawal from pain pill medication is an unrelenting sense of discomfort. The reason the individual took the pain pills to begin with was associated with pain. As the dependency grew, they likely had to consume more pills each day to dull the pain. Once the pills are taken away, that lingering pain is often still there, and can be more intense than ever. For this reason many physicians and therapists who are guiding someone through recovery will prescribe a non-narcotic pain reliever to help alleviate the pain. Although these less powerful medications often don’t provide adequate relief initially, eventually they are likely to help.

Another symptom of withdrawal is deep depression. This is very common among addicts of all kinds. When the individual realizes that they are giving up the medication crutch that they’ve been leaning on for months, or in many cases, years, they sink into depression. Therapy can be very helpful for this withdrawal symptom. Group therapy that involves the individual’s family can provide necessary and crucial support.

There are some pain medications that remain in the body for longer periods of time once the individual has stopped taking them. This naturally results in them facing a longer period where withdrawal symptoms may be present. In cases like this, doctors may prescribe medication that helps to lessen those symptoms. For an addict hesitant to take medication this can raise some questions. However, on the advice of a trusted physician, who is experienced in the detoxification process, the medication can make the process much easier.

Fighting against a pain pill addiction is a life-long struggle. One valid concern that many individuals who have beaten this type of addiction face is the fear that if they are ever facing surgery again or are severely injured that they will automatically become addicted to their pain relievers again. This is why it’s essential that if this does occur that they are honest with the attending medical personnel about their history with pain pill addiction. Non-narcotic prescription pain killers are also available and provide you relief from the pain without the risk of addiction occurring.

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