Russian Women are Strong Enough

Although Russian women are feminine, that doesn’t that they are weak. On the other hand, they are strong enough and domineering enough that they might shock members of the National Organization of Women with their ferocity.

Russian women were in the factories and workplaces of Soviet Russia before their sisters from the West. They were working in factories twenty years before Rosie the Riveter made her appearance during World War II.

Russia lost many of their men in the Stalinist purges of the Thirties and the Great Patriotic War, what westerners call World War II.

Consequently, women were in the workplace and frequently were the sole breadwinners in homes with no men, which were most homes during this time.

Russian men were scarce. Men were revered because there were so few of them. They became spoiled. They became soft. They forgot what it meant to be a man. They became weak under the dominance of the



and the effects of alcohol.

They sacrificed their responsibility as husbands and fathers for the frivolities of cheap pleasure.

Russian women are the glue that holds the family together. They were used to taking charge of the family. They ran the household and took care of the children, while men amused themselves with drinking and playing cards.

Russian wives are strong and pretty dominating. The Russian woman who makes it to America is usually the most educated and intelligent of Russian women. They are smart and know exactly what they want.

Unlike many western women, they have no interest in arguing over who is the boss of the house. There is no theoretical discussion of women’s rights and division of domestic chores. Russian women just take charge of the house.

If a man does not put up any show of force, they can become tyrannical and bossy. American men are sometimes surprised when their little sex kitten starts to show her claws.

Men in the west have become soft too. All too frequently they have sacrificed their responsibilities as husbands and fathers.

They couldn’t, or wouldn’t, take care of their women and families, which forced their women to work. They stopped serving their families and their families fell apart. They became selfish, only looking out for their own pleasure.

The Me Generation. What a legacy. Record numbers of divorce, more children than ever raised in poverty. Alcoholism and drug addiction.

When they say that men are the head of the family, these men think it means that they can take their pleasure in any way they desire.

Being the head of the family means being the ultimate servant. It means being the base of the inverted period. Everything depends on you. You are the rock that the family depends upon.

Russian women have had to become the rock of the family, because men were not available or they refused to take up their responsibilities as husbands and fathers.

Russian women are looking for foreign husbands because they are searching for the type of men who are willing to take up their responsibilities.

Many western women have had to become the rock of the family too, because their men did not shoulder their responsibilities.

Unlike some American women, Russian women as a group like and cherish men. In


, men were a scarce commodity. They were something to fight for and hold onto.

Russian women are looking for responsible men. Men who take care of their families. They are traveling half way around the world in hopes of finding such a man. They have not found him at home.

You need to be the kind of man that she left everything behind for. Apart from all the above you need to be the responsible husband and father and be the rock that the family depends on.