Meth: The Way to Death

Crystal Meth is my original name. You may have heard me referred to as ice, tweak, dust, lith, speed, glass, or crank. I am a chemical jambalaya of sorts, which is 'brewed' or 'cooked' to poisonous proportions. The ingredients include things like Draino, lithium from batteries, rubbing alcohol, and cough medications. Depending on who is doing the cooking and what recipe they use, it could be a success or failure; more or less pure, more or less effective, and more or less expensive.

No worries about waste because if it's a really bad batch, the worse case scenario is an explosion or fire, and an environmental hazard. If it is just a so-so batch, it can still be sold for cheap with a higher risk but do you really think my potential customers are thinking at this point?

Ever wonder where I come from? Actually, I have been around since the 60's and 70's as speed. When things started going bad and the media started their 'speed kills' campaign, it was time to lay low for a while. Meanwhile, the world turned it's focus to heroine, crack, acid, cocaine, ecstasy and lest we forget the marijuana/legalization issues. That is still not resolved, but I decided that it was a good time to re-surface, maybe with a new name and a new game. I could be in the mansion next door, the apartment upstairs, the old abandoned farmyard, or in the back of the van down the block. Most people do not recognize my fumes so by the time they try to figure out if it is garbage or cat urine, the lab is gone. What these people also do not realize is that those fumes are as potent to the people in the apartment 6 doors down as they are to the ones standing and cooking!

I am a super-addictive drug that can be inhaled, ingested, smoked or sniffed. I attack the 'happy' part of the brain where dopamine is produced. I am better than the original speed because I can cause the brain to release higher levels dopamine, giving a greater rush of happy into your world! I act quickly, and go directly to that part of your brain, you will feel great at first but within a short time, you will go from euphoria to paranoia. You may not sleep or eat for days, you may twitch or tweak, dehydrate, become violent and then depression sets in. With repeated use, you will soon forget about normal pleasures, like dancing, dating, ice cream, coffee at Tim Horton's, or popcorn and a movie! Life will be bleak without me so you will be back, and guess what? You're mine!

If you become an addict and continue to use, much worse symptoms will rear their ugly heads. Eventually the blood vessels will shut off, your gums will die, teeth will fall out, lesions on your skin will start to form and ooze, and you may even feel like picking bugs out of those spots! I may even 'crystal'lize in those lesions.

Have you heard enough yet? I sure seem to be getting a lot of attention in schools, families, government, the legal system and the media. Look at some of my headliners:

"…London teen walks down the street, trembling, and hollering out of control that someone is coming to get him"

"…Small town trailer in Perth County explodes, killing authorities investigating a possible clandestine crystal meth lab"

"…young man on meth stops a handicapped man on the street and kicks him to death in a violent outburst."

"…Young Saskatoon man, Andrew Moore shot to death"

Everyone is scrambling stop me, or fix the problem. Guess what? The problem is bigger than me, and if you choose me, your future is Crystal Clear! I will get you through addiction, and steal whatever self-worth, hope or respect you have left. I will also steal your family, your loved ones, friends etc. and spoils your health. Because my name is meth, I will play with my loved ones' life.