Sober Halloween Activities That Can Become a Yearly Tradition


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Halloween is many people’s favorite holiday. However, like most holidays, Halloween is typically accompanied with alcohol and other “adults treats.” This makes the thought of going through it sober seem pretty boring and possibly even daunting.

Even though sobriety may seem to offer very little in the way of Halloween fun and festivities, there is actually no difference in the number of events you can enjoy. So, don’t let your ego trick you into thinking one of your favorite holidays is ruined by your recovery. This particular holiday is a special gift for the inner child inside all of us and it’s necessary for recovering individuals to find sober ways to participate in and truly enjoy the magic of Halloween.

Even though sobriety may seem to offer very little in the way of Halloween fun and festivities, there is actually no difference in the number of events you can enjoy.

If you’re having a hard time thinking of things to do that don’t involve drinking and drugs, we have a list of fun, festive events. Of course, as with any holiday festivity, the more people involved, the merrier. So, reach out to others in your recovery community and make it a group outing. And, if you can’t find something you like, there’s always the opportunity to create your own sober Halloween event and make it into a yearly tradition.

Corn Maze, Hay Ride or Pumpkin Trail

Though many urban cities may not offer the first two events, there is always a chance that even an urban area will offer the latter. As for the corn maze and hay ride, rural towns or smaller cities will typically have something along these lines.

Haunted House

You can’t beat a classic haunted house for good, clean and sober Halloween fun.

Fall Festival

Every city offers some degree of fall festivities, so look for your community’s upcoming annual fall festival in your local online news publication.

Dia de Los Muertos Celebration

Though it doesn’t typically happen on Halloween, there are often Dia de Los Muertos celebrations that kick off around the same time. Art galleries, museums and cultural centers are great spots to find these.

Musical/Theatrical Halloween-Themed Performance

Check your local community theaters and performing arts centers. There will no doubt be something that is Halloween and/or Fall-themed and suitable for everyone. It can be a ghoulish good time.

Sober Community Costume Party

Many sober communities will offer something fun for Halloween, typically consisting of a sober costume party. If you don’t see one happening in your area (and if you’re up for it), host your own sober community costume party. It’s a great way to get everyone together and enjoy the new way to holiday together. You can even make it an annual event.

Halloween-themed 5k Run

You can always search your community for the opportunity to participate in a Halloween-themed walk-a-thon or run. They are usually about three miles and benefit a charitable organization. It’s a great way to have fun and give back to the community.

Can’t find one? Get your sober community into action to organize one. It’s a great way to encourage physical fitness and offer a community service.

Horror- or Fall-themed Movie Night

No Halloween is complete without scary movies. If you aren’t a fan of horror movies, you can opt for a fall-themed movie to enjoy instead. Even your inner child can get in on this one, as there are always animated classics to revisit.

You can also check your local theaters to see if anyone is hosting a Halloween-themed movie night. There are a few choice theaters that specialize in these events, and you can get a group of sober friends together and make it a Halloween group outing.

Be the Safe Place for Others

If you can’t find anything you want to do or your local community doesn’t offer many options, be the change you wish to see. Offer a safe place for kids to trick-or-treat, or host a sober community event. Better yet, do both.

You don’t have to look to others to find things to do to enjoy Halloween while honoring your recovery. Just make it happen. After all, you hold the pen now. Write your story, and be sure to fill it with Halloween magic and whimsy.

No matter what you choose to do, remember to enjoy the moments and memories you make. And, of course, be grateful for your recovery and the new opportunity to actually recall the memories you make this year. Most importantly, have a happy, sober Halloween.

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