Woman travels the world sober

Sober Friends Around the Globe: How and Where to Find Them


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Woman travels the world sober

If you love to travel, you’re probably already curious at heart. You love to see the world around you and relish in all that it has to offer. You’re the type of person who is fascinated by the diverse and abundant beauty that surrounds you.

However, when traveling sober, your experiences are going to be slightly different than those who drink. While some may say that alcohol helps break the ice and makes it easier to meet new people, there are many other ways you can enjoy yourself and connect with people you meet abroad as well.

While some may say that drinking alcohol makes it easier to make friends abroad, there are actually many other ways to break the ice. This guide can help you meet “your people” during your next globe-trotting adventure.

Planning ahead is an important part of this process because vacation can often be used as a time to recklessly cut loose. For a recovering addict, this kind of oversight can be devastating. Instead of setting yourself up for what could potentially lead to a relapse, keep the following tips in mind as you trot around the globe and create new relationships with those who can walk together with you in sobriety.

1. Visit booze-free attractions.

Instead of frequenting bars, clubs or wine and cocktail-laden restaurants, try to shift your focus on going to places that don’t cater so much to drinkers. Think of places like museums, historic sites and monuments, fresh juice stands, coffee and tea shops, antique stores, parks or scenic landscapes. If you focus on looking for these places while traveling, you’ll be more likely to run into other people who don’t drink and less likely to feel the temptation to drink yourself.

2. Use sober traveling resources.

The breadth of resources available on the internet for travelers looking to avoid drinking can make a huge impact on your sobriety. For example, the website SoberTravelers lists destinations that cater to sober travelers through sober getaways and retreats. TravelSober, on the other hand, offers group tours around the globe for those who are in recovery. CleanGetawayTravel is also a travel agency that is devoted to helping travelers find ways to travel alcohol-free. With the connectivity the internet provides, sober travelers everywhere can also connect before their trip even begins. You might also consider looking through Airbnb listings to see if you can find sober hosts in the place you’ll be visiting.

3. Stay curious.

One of the reasons why people feel the need to use alcohol to break the ice between themselves and strangers is the anxiety issues most people have when meeting someone new. Many of us were taught to quell our curiosity about strangers, to keep our heads down and to keep moving. If you’re looking to meet people without the need to use alcohol, you have to fight the urge to tuck your curiosity away. Take the initiative to talk to strangers and learn about their lives. Ask them questions and find common ground.

By doing this, you’ll not only be more likely to meet sober people while traveling, you’ll also gain the kind of perspective that only comes with meeting new types of people from across the world. After all, there’s hardly a point in traveling if you’re not curious, so smile and introduce yourself to others.

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