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Carrying the Message of Recovery, Not the Addict


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The miracle of recovery occurs the moment an addict decides to change the course of his or her life—from one that was sinking into the deep end of addiction, to a more spiritually fulfilling life in sobriety. At the crux of it all, this is what the recovery message is about.

When you first enter recovery, you may find yourself reflecting on your past. You may feel as though others are judging you now that you’re admitting to the unsavory parts of your life. However, you have to keep in mind that you are much bigger than your addiction and, instead of focusing entirely on the darker places it has taken you thus far, look into discovering the real you— the person who was buried in addiction that you may have never gotten in touch with before. Once you find parts of yourself that you are truly proud of, it is in that moment that you become a living, breathing testament of the merits of a life recovered.

As you move forward in your journey, it's important to remember that your past addiction does not define who you are. Here's how you can share the miracle of recovery with others.

How to Spur Hope in Others

When you meet new people, remember to share with them the message of recovery, not of the addict. In other words, let them know of your strengths and their need to realize that there is hope—not of the perils of your past life. Here are a few ways you can do this:

  • Discuss your progress and strength amid the difficulties.
  • Be sure that you talk about varied topics, not just your recovery or addiction. Talk about your job, children, dreams and successes, among many others.
  • Should someone pass judgment against you about your prior addiction, politely stand up for yourself.
  • Let others know how the message of recovery has helped you grow in mind, body and spirit.
  • Be honest about your ongoing pain, struggles or hopes as the recovery journey involves learning how to navigate through it all without using substances.

Keeping Your Side of the Street Clean

Recovery is about fulfilling your obligations even when others are not. As you bring the message of recovery and hope to the still suffering addict, withhold judgment even if you were judged in the beginning. Instead, encourage them and give them hope that things can get better. As you do this, you grow as a person and become a positive example to others.

Remember, recovery is more than just cutting off your addiction. It’s also about serving and being a vessel of hope for others. Stay humble as you do your best in sharing your experience and strength. Doing so will then attract others into walking the same road.

If you or someone you care about is struggling in addiction, search our directory of treatment centers, or call us at 800-772-8219 to inquire about the types of recovery options available.

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