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5 Steps to Achieve Vital Self-Love in Recovery


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woman forming a heart with her hands

Addiction is often seen as a form of self-destruction — the opposite of self-love. At the very least, it is certainly a disconnect with one’s self. As long as the relationship with one’s self is lacking, active addiction and/or dysfunction (of any form) will remain.

Self-love is the most vital element of successful recovery. Without it, relapse is absolutely inevitable. Thus, steps must be taken to ensure a recovering addict is on a healing path that reconnects them to themselves.

Here are 5 steps for reconnecting with yourself while receiving the love you deserve.

1. Get Professional Help

As easy as it may sound, it can be a difficult task to learn to truly love oneself. Though active addicts are often thought to be egotistical, there’s a big difference between self-love and having an overactive ego. In fact, a heightened ego is typically due to deep-seeded insecurities and self-loathing rather than a love of self.

Because the latter is usually rooted in our past – childhood traumas, abuse or traumatic events in adulthood – we need the assistance of trained professionals. It’s up to us whether we choose a professional counselor, life coach or seek spiritual guidance to further our healing. The modality is irrelevant, as long as we focus on reconnecting to and healing the relationship with ourselves.

2. Read Wise Words

Self-help books may get a bad rap sometimes, but they actually are beneficial. Reading the wise words of professionals in the fields of psychology, counseling, spiritual guidance and recovery greatly assists in the daily healing process. Even if you’re seeking professional help and meeting with a counselor one-on-one, adding self-help books to your daily routine can nurture the growth and healing you’re gaining in your sessions.

Besides, you typically only see a counselor or other helping professional once a week. If you’re trying to undo a lifetime of damage or unlearn unhealthy habits to restore the relationship with yourself, you likely need more than just an hour a week to do it. Self-help books can help bridge that gap.

3. Move the Energy

Believe it or not, a simple forty-five minute walk every night will help you reconnect to yourself. You don’t have to trade one addiction for another and become obsessed with an overactive workout regimen. All you need to do is get the energy within your body moving.

A brisk walk can get the endorphins flowing and move negative energy out of the body while getting fresh air. And, because you’re outside, you also get the benefits of being in and communing with nature. That combination presents quite a healthy concoction for your body, mind and spirit.

4. Write It Down

Reconnecting to the self requires venturing into the depths of your soul and searching for the many reasons to love you. Journaling the personal characteristics you find admirable will help you remember all there is to love when struggling with insecurities. Writing a love letter to yourself, jotting down positive affirmations or daily mantras (nurturing or empowering words to say to yourself) to repeat to yourself can also be helpful in healing the relationship with you.

5. Reconnect to Source

Regardless of who or what you consider your Higher Power to be, reconnecting to the Source – the origin of your being – is vital to your recovery. Realizing that you are a part of a vast Universe and have a soul purpose – a reason to be on this planet – that’s bigger than you know can help you begin to value all that you are. It can empower you to believe in your gifts and see your worth in this world.

Self-love is truly that vital. Loving yourself unconditionally is the key to everything, even that which seems much bigger than you. Your dreams and passions are part of your soul’s mission. Therefore, your love of self – that which allows you to reach your full potential – is vital to your success in recovery, your relationships, the world around you and the Universe itself.

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