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5 Reasons Why 2016 is Officially Your Year of Change


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illustration of year 2016

With 2016 fast approaching, many of us will undoubtedly embark on a mental review of the past year. It’s common to wonder where the time has gone and contemplate how things might be different in the next go ‘round. If you’re on the road of recovery, each passing year represents another 365 days of opportunity that you get to move forward in sobriety and life. Whether it’s personal, financial, physical or spiritual goals, having come out of the pits of addiction, we just innately want to grow more and more as individuals every year.

With that said, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you can tell yourself that 2016 is officially your year of change.

1. You innately desire change.

Whether you’re fresh in recovery or you’ve got decades under your belt, we all desire change. The “same old, same old” can get pretty boring, but sometimes we just find ourselves stuck in a rut. Not in 2016. If you have the desire to rise above addiction, next year can be the year you formulate a plan to do something about it and either get help or inspire yourself even further in sobriety. Change is refreshing and oftentimes necessary in order to live the kind of life we really want—a life full of peace and joy! So remember, your desire for change is good and natural, and you may want to give it some weight this time around.

2. You’re one year older and wiser.

Chances are you’ve learned some valuable lessons this year. If you’re not sure what they are, just do a mental scan through the months and you’ll likely be surprised. For instance, what were some of the trials and tribulations that you experienced? What are the key takeaways that you now have due to those situations? Did you relapse or come close to relapsing this year? If so, what were your triggers and how can you avoid them in the future? Collectively, we are all one year older and wiser and are entering into the new year with more knowledge on how to make changes that better our lives.

With the year coming to a close, many people come to wonder where time has gone and contemplate how things might be different in the next go ‘round. Why not make 2016 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER?

3. You have a healthy plan.

You’ve probably done your fair share of self-evaluations and have gone down the end-of-year resolutions road plenty of times, only to be found exhausted and flat on your face by the 31st of January. This year, you’re going to do it the right way. With realistic expectations and a loving step-by-step approach, you can execute your goals in a more healthy way. Go ahead and create a plan but allow room to go at your own pace—and have the occasional mishaps along the way. No one is measuring you against perfection, so you shouldn’t either. Whatever it is you want to change, go for it—just be patient as sometimes life has a way of taking the long (but scenic) route.

4. You’re tired of the status quo.

Though it’s true that we want to stay in balance and keep a healthy perspective, change sometimes requires going against the grain or majority in order to express who you are and do what you truly desire. The year 2016 is a time for you to dig deep and follow your biggest passions and dreams, change what needs to be changed in order to fulfill them and accept what needs to be accepted. Think about the Serenity Prayer. Change what you can and accept what you can’t, but get out there and start living it out, whatever “it” may be.

5. You are the co-creator of your own life.

The 2006 best-selling self-help book The Secret explored the idea of “the law of attraction.” Essentially, this law asserts that you attract what you put your focus on, which also means making less room for negative thoughts and negative people. Tell your own story this coming year—the kind you want to see manifested—and you will attract things into your life that can help create such a reality. Granted, you’ve got to do the work as well, but what you think and believe certainly has an effect on your actions. So, bring on the new year and know that you are capable of great things.

As you think upon the past year and look forward to the next, remind yourself of these truths and that you’re here today—wherever that is in your journey. That in itself is an accomplishment. Regardless of any setbacks that you may have experienced, nothing is stopping you from making the necessary changes you need to make in your life. If you feel that your year to step into recovery has come, here's a list of resources to help you started. After all, 2016 has your name on it.

Why do you think 2016 is YOUR year of change? We'd love to hear your thoughts. Please share in the comments section below.

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