3 Ways You Can Meditate at Work


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Smart corporate CEOs understand that a stressed employee cannot maximize their productivity and potential. In fact, studies have shown that stress can be contagious with people being four times more likely to get stress from someone they know (coworkers, friends and family members).

Perhaps one of the most beneficial perks an organization can offer is incorporating regular meditation sessions as part of office culture. Transcendental Meditation (also referred to as TM) guides the mind to settle and focus, to become present and mindful. Typically, it is practiced for twenty minutes twice-daily, sitting comfortably with eyes closed.

It's not hard to squeeze in a meditation ritual at the workplace. It will help with one's health, productivity and overall contentedness with life.

Though companies still have a long way to go in dedicating time for their employees to center themselves, there are still ways you can tend to your quiet place on your own. Here are 3 mindful exercises that you can do right at work, without changing much of your environment.

1. Breathwork

Closing your eyes for even a few moments and being aware of your breath can help you focus, obtain clarity and enter a calmer state. It is quite simple to do this at your desk. Often, when sitting in front of a computer or attending meetings for endless hours, our breath becomes irregular or too rapid. Just planting your feet comfortably on the floor and allowing your breath to flow slowly are quick ways to send yourself off to a mini-meditation session.

2. Walking Meditation

Too often, people skip a break or eat lunch at their desk, feeling compelled to work through their allotted free time to impress their boss. But there are important benefits for interrupting your day of phone calls and work tasks. People who get up and practice walking meditation believe that just paying attention to the nuances of how their feet touch the ground and the pace of their walk can be calming.

3. Body Focus

This type of meditation can be done just about anywhere from the lunch room, to your car to your office chair. Simply scan your entire body, from the crown of your head to your toes and observe each and every area for relaxation. You may be shocked at how much tension your body is carrying.

It may be difficult to subscribe to a meditation ritual and learn to be fully present at work, especially after you’ve taken a look at your meeting-filled calendar. However, meditation is a technique that’s worth the discipline and commitment. After all, a clear mind that can express thoughts clearly will help with effective communication between managers and employees, which is crucial for any business operation to run smoothly. Meditation not only enhances job performance and rehabilitation efforts but also offers a kind of clarity and focus that leads to an overall peaceful and contented life.

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