11 Things You Can Do Right Now Instead of Drinking


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The media often depicts drinking as a fun activity, but what they don’t show are the people drowning their sorrows in liquor or getting in car accidents while under the influence. Sure, some people seem like they are having a blast while they are getting intoxicated, but the reality is that alcohol consumption can lead to a whole host of problems.

Instead of buying into the “drinking is fun” myth, make a decision to bypass the alcohol and create a fun life for yourself outside of the substance. Need some help with ideas? Here are 11 fun things you can do other than drink tonight.

If you think being sober cuts out your source of fun, think again. There are plenty of enjoyable things you can do without reaching for the bottle.

1. Go outside.

Go immediately outside to get some fresh air. Whether it’s hot or cold, the fresh air will certainly do you good. Breathe deep and take in the nature that you see around you. Look at the trees, flowers, and greenery. Listen to the birds sing. If you have a dog, take him or her out for a walk. If you exercise, go for a walk or a run. Getting outside is a quick method for shifting mentally and it may very well help you think less about drinking.

2. Watch a movie.

If you’re not sure what you want to do or if the weather is not pretty, gather some good movies and have a movie marathon. Maybe you could watch movie series from your younger days, like Back to the Future or Lord of the Rings, or you can grab some movies you’ve never seen before. Make some snacks, get your favorite blanket, and give yourself permission to relax with some good flicks.

3. Read a new book.

Get that book out that you’ve been wanting to read or download a great book on your tablet or e-reader. There are thousands of books to choose from. Simply dive in!

4. Call a friend.

Get on the phone and call your sponsor or a sober friend. Let them know how you’re feeling and take some time to chat with them. If you feel talking on the phone is not enough, make plans to go out and have some coffee with them or go for a walk. It may feel tough to make that call, but you’ll be happy you did.

5. Do some cleaning.

Chances are there is a room or several rooms in the house that need cleaned. Dive into thoroughly cleaning one room. Put some music on if you wish and just get to cleaning. Before you know it, you’ll have forgotten all about drinking and be thrilled at your immaculate room or home.

6. Test out a recipe.

Remember that particular recipe that you’ve been wanting to try? Now is the time to test it out. If you don’t have one in mind, check out recipes on Pinterest, on the web, or from your own cookbook. Keep it simple and take your time. If the recipe works out, you’ll have one more fantastic dish to prepare for friends and family.

7. Discover new music.

If you’re a music buff, take some time to discover some new music. There are plenty of genres out there and chances are you only ever listen to two or three. Try listening to new genres or new songs today. If you’re not sure where to look for new music, apps like Pandora or Spotify are great at discovering new music. Simply download onto your phone or pull up on the internet and try them out.

8. Play an online game.

There are thousands of online games to choose from. Think you’ve outgrown games? Think again!

9. Work on your resume.

Get that dusty resume out and begin revamping it with a new look. Be sure to get it up to date and if you’re feeling really creative, take a look at some sample creative resumes online and work on yours to look the same. This can be a fun and productive activity.

10. Take a bath

Dip down into a hot bath for a while. If you like bubbles, go ahead and lounge in a bubble bath. You can also light candles, put on some relaxing music, and drop some essential oils or lavender bath salts in the water. Water helps to relax you and calm the nerves. You’ll get out feeling like a whole new person.

11. Learn about recovery

Take some time to learn about recovery from this website, the forum, and other recovery sites. As you learn, you empower yourself at the same time, lessening your chances of relapsing. If you want, go ahead and post to the forum, asking questions, sharing your story, or encouraging others.

There are plenty of things you can do, but whatever you do—do not drink! Instead, take these tips into consideration. Make a list of things that you think would be fun and get busy enjoying a productive life outside of alcohol.

If you or someone you know is seeking help from addiction, please visit our directory of treatment centers or call 866-606-0182 to start the path to recovery today.

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