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sugarangel 03-28-2017 12:03 PM


Originally Posted by godsdrummer209 (Post 6384832)
hey sugar hope your still clean and sober just giving u an update im 62 days clean of of opiates and all the other stuff

That is fantastic, GD!! Keep going, no matter what. I am so proud of you!!

sugarangel 03-28-2017 12:18 PM

Hi, TOD....

Awesome pics!! The babies are so dang cute!! I just want to hold one. But, I wouldn't know what to do. Seriously. Never held a chicken before. Do you pet them like you would a dog or cat?? Just wondering....
Your Brandon stories crack me up. That little guy really loves you. It's so sweet!! And Sherry is still the prettiest little chicken I've seen.
So, how are the new babies doing?? And how are Brandon, Tasha, Sherry and Molly?? And Jethro, of course!!
And how are you doing?? How's the teeth thing going?? Any better?? Was wondering how you were getting on with the dentures?? And, btw, I did the chili on the baked potato, and the broccoli, too. Awesome!! It was good, quick, filling, and easy to eat. Thanks for the suggestions. They really helped.
So, have you named the new little ones yet??
Hope you are having a stellar day!!

Tiredofdrugs 04-05-2017 11:50 PM

Hello everyone!

Here's a story from what happened last week.

I had a dentist appointment at 11:00 am. After leaving the dentist we went to Harbor Freight where I ran into my XBIL! He gave me a big hug, we talked for awhile and then we went inside. We left there and headed to a buffet restaurant where I could choose soft food to eat! After we left there we headed to a feed store to get feed for the little chicks! And here's where it gets interesting!

We walk in and I immediately hear PEEPING! OH HELLLLL! I'm doomed! Hubby says, "Come on! We'll go look!" Ha, Ha! There were 5 tubs with babies. Four of them were packed to the brim with new ones just received this morning. And of course one of them in the packed tub was peeping it's head off. I looked and looked, but couldn't find it. The area was fenced off, but the gate was open! OH MY! Can y'all believe the GATE was open! Well y'all know what I did? Yep! I went in and started picking up chicks trying to figure out which one was peeping it's head off?

Then I saw one of the tubs didn't have water. Nope! Can't have that! I go to the cashier and tell her one of them has no water. She makes a call to report it. I headed back to the chickies! The lady comes around the corner and gives me this incredulous look of being in the fenced in area. I stepped out, but didn't leave. She gets the water container and leaves. Hubby tells me to come on and we go get what we came for!

I go to look at the T-shirts and he heads off someplace else! While at the T-shirts I hear that loud peeper again and get drawn back like a moth to a flame. While there the lady comes back with the water container. I'm watching her trying to set it down in the tub with chicks swarming below it. She's fretting over getting one underneath it. Me too! (Hubby knew this lady from previous trips to FS and went in search of her. He told her I was his wife and I'm very good with chickens! She immediately put her trust in the fact I knew what I was doing! )

She gets it set down and then picks it back up to check for chicks. Sure enough! There are three underneath it. She gets them out of the way and sets the water container back down again. I rush into the caged area and grab a piece of cardboard to show her how to herd the chicks out of the way next time so it doesn't happen again.

I pick the water container up and to my horror there's a chick just lying there! I quickly pick it up and hand it to my husband. It's not moving. I'm busy moving chicks back with the cardboard while holding the water container. I'm straddling the electrical box where the heat lamps are plugged in and trying to avoid getting burned by the heat lamp too. I do a quick glance at my husband and there I see it trying to breathe! I finally get the water container back in the tub and stand up straight.

My husband is standing there with a live chick cuddled in his hands with it's eyes watching me. Oh thank God! I head off to find a better divider to move chicks. When I come back he tells me it's ours! OMG

The lady asked him if we wanted it and he said: "Yes!" Oh LORDY! At this point my mind is thinking: "Please Sherry accept this baby to raise too!" Well? Being the good momma that she is? She fussed a little at the new baby in her carrier with the week old babies. But as soon as it started peeping it's head off? She settled down over it.

Everyone is getting along wonderfully! They are all on the couch right now underneath a fuzzy blanket draped over the back of the couch so it isn't lying directly on them, with an ice pack under a towel off to the side to keep everyone comfortable. I just went in to check on the baby and it's alive and well!

I searched the Internet to see what she's going to grow up to be? She's going to be a Gold Star! I'll post pics after this post! Even though I avoid anyplace that has baby chicks! We were meant to be there that day to rescue that precious little baby chick!

So now for Brandon! LOL I had him out in his outside pen the other day! Later in the afternoon I took him out and let him run loose in the dog pen since Jethro was in his shop working. I told him he had company! LOL About dark Jethro and I both get the littles ones inside along with Marvin! Couldn't find the two big girls though! Oh hell! So Jethro comes out of the dog pen to help look for them and Brandon pranced right thru the gate behind him. I told Jethro to let him go he can help round them up since they run from him! LOL

Well he saw Momma and hereeeeeeeeeeee he comes. Running as fast as he could to get to me to peck my shoes. I clapped my hands together and told him he better behave. He jumped two feet in the air when I clapped my hands together! LOL Jethro starts to walk the property and I spot them thru the chain link fence beside the shop. I yelled at Jethro and pointed in their direction! So he heads in their direction.

Brandon follows me into the immediate backyard area to wait on them to come thru the gate. He didn't even see them because he was too busy prancing around my feet. The goof! I finally walk towards the girls and tell Brandon to go Sasha his own kind! Well low and behold they all see each other at the same time. The girls start running for their pit area and Brandon takes off after them.

Well good grief! Instead of going up the steps to their pit area they split and take off running in opposite directions. I just stood there with my hands on my hips glaring at Brandon while he was acting like; "Look what I did Momma?"

Well by this time Jethro caught up to us. I pointed at Brandon and said: "Pick your naughty boy up so I can get the girls penned up!" Jethro is laughing his ass off as he scoops Brandon up! We get the girls penned up and go inside to relax a minute or two before I finish cooking supper!

It's always a comedy of one kind or another around here every single day! And next Monday it's going to get even more crazy! Tasha has reached her 21 days of setting on fake eggs. Time to get her babies! LORDY!

Every one have a clean day!


Tiredofdrugs 04-06-2017 12:03 AM

This is our little rescue baby. I named her "Ginger

The day we brought her home.

This is what she's supposed to look like full grown!


Tiredofdrugs 04-06-2017 01:44 AM


Originally Posted by sugarangel (Post 6385844)
Hi, TOD....

Awesome pics!! The babies are so dang cute!! I just want to hold one. But, I wouldn't know what to do. Seriously. Never held a chicken before. Do you pet them like you would a dog or cat?? Just wondering....
Your Brandon stories crack me up. That little guy really loves you. It's so sweet!! And Sherry is still the prettiest little chicken I've seen.
So, how are the new babies doing?? And how are Brandon, Tasha, Sherry and Molly?? And Jethro, of course!!
And how are you doing?? How's the teeth thing going?? Any better?? Was wondering how you were getting on with the dentures?? And, btw, I did the chili on the baked potato, and the broccoli, too. Awesome!! It was good, quick, filling, and easy to eat. Thanks for the suggestions. They really helped.
So, have you named the new little ones yet??
Hope you are having a stellar day!!

Baby chicks we hold cupped in our two hands. Or we put a hand over them to hold them close to our chest or underneath our neck.

When they get bigger we hold them in one arm up against our chest or stomach. We pet them like you would a dog. We don't pet them too much though when they are molting. That's when they lose their feathers and get these stiff waxed covered feathers coming in. They are tender to the touch during those times. I also pick them up by putting one hand underneath them and scooping them up! My neighbor saw me do that one day and was amazed at how they don't mind and don't flop around. Then I hold them against my side. Molly loves being held this way. She lays her head on my arm and watches what all is happening around her. I carry her everywhere like that.

Sherry needs a bath in a bad way right now. Those 3 little ones have got the chick starter all over her. Plus they'll jump on her back and poop on her. Ugh! I'm forever using baby wipes on her! There's no way she would stand for not being with her babies right now if we wanted to bathe her. So she'll get a shower when she's done with them.

Babies are getting so big! We are used to raising the tiny little Silkie babies! One of the Barred Rock babies already has two bars on it's wings. I'm beginning to think it's a little Roo from the way it's acting. And it's slightly larger than the other one. Little Ginger holds her own with them though. LOL Jethro had already gone to bed and was waiting on me to put Sherry and the babies in their clothes basket in his bedroom for the night. Ginger started telling momma she was ready for bed so I picked her up and dropped her over Jethro's shoulder where she snuggled deep down into the warmth against his chest! :) I retrieved her when I put Momma and other babies in their bed. Jethro would have been happy to let her sleep right where she was!

Jethro can be a sweetheart one minute and a pissed off man in the drop of a hat. He's Italian after all! LOL He's been super busy working on a car in the shop, building a tractor pen for Tasha in the shop too. Then he's been working on the huge woodpile out front too. He takes the two Momma's to potty outside in the mornings. I take them out at night. Then he'll put the little ones outside during the day, weather permitting. I get everything ready for them to come in at dark-thirty! Then I tend them until they all go to bed which is usually around 1:00 am. Between taking care of them, cooking Jethro supper, laundry, etc. I drop into my chair when they go to bed!

I have another spot in my mouth that's going to be operated on to remove a hard round spot. I have appts scheduled thru September to be fitted for my permanent dentures. Just think how much weight I will have lost by then? I tried on my favorite pair of pants today I haven't been able to wear in years for curiosity sake. They slid right on and I could zip and button them w/o any trouble. Still gotta work on this extra tummy fat though! But I'm getting there!

My sister will name the little ones when she gets them. I just call them baby, baby, baby! LOL I'm tempted to call them Sleepy and Happy! One wants to sleep a lot and the other is just so happy and playful.

Good deal on the food you were able to eat!


sugarangel 04-07-2017 05:11 PM

Awww!! Ginger is just darling!! And so tiny!! She reminds me a lot of Sherry. And, I loved the story you told about how you got her. I think it was meant to be!!

The pics you posted are awesome!! And, Jethro may have his 'Italian' moments, but he sounds like he is super sweet and gentle with the babies. That is really cool. Sounds , though, like they are a lot of work. But, they are so worth it, aren't they??

Good luck with everything with your teeth. I can so relate to what you are going through with that. Truly!! My food processor and my juicer have become great friends!! lol. At least not being able to eat the way we really want to is helping us keep our girlish figures, right?? Oh, but what I wouldn't give for a huge slice of pizza with everything on it. Or some nuts. I miss peanuts and almonds and cashews. And chips!! Holy crap do I miss bbq potato chips!! I found these jalapeno cheese puffs that are super easy to eat. So, at least I can get a little bit of my junk food cravings met. My version of baby carrots!! lol

Loved the Brandon story, by the way!! That little man has personality to spare. I really like him. He is just so sweet. What a little Cassanova.

Please keep your stories coming!! I so love reading them. They make me smile and help me through the tough times I got going right now. I always look for your thread to see if you posted anything new. You should be a writer. Your stories are that good!!

Thank you.
Hope you are having a wonderful day!!

Tiredofdrugs 04-08-2017 05:46 AM

Hello everybody!

Here's some stories of snakes I've had to deal with thru the years! I was telling this guy on FB what I've had to deal with! I'm sure I've forgotten some of the encounters with them.

Me: I have to start searching for a SNAKE when my fake eggs in the nest come up missing!

Him: Yikes!!!!!!! I hate snakes...rather terrified of them !!! They HONESTLY eat fake eggs??? Lmbo serves them right!!!!

Me: Yes they do! Here's a story for ya from years ago! I had an old freezer sitting at the end of the long porch. Beside that was a milk crate with a silkie in it, an empty nest beside her and then another empty nest on the other side. I walked outside of the house with a momma silkie and babies in my arms. As soon as I stepped out onto the porch? I saw it! Holy crap! I stepped back into the kitchen, sat momma and chicks on the floor. Grabbed my .22 Ruger Rifle leaning in the corner by the door and went back out the door. There coming out from behind the freezer was this 11ft black snake. It was draped over my silkie hen, over the middle box and laying in the third box. I saw it already had one egg eaten in it's belly. My little silkie hen was hunkered down as tightly in her box as she could get! I took aim and shot once. That big ole snake came flopping, rolling, flinging itself all over the place down on the ground. It started making weird movements and I soon saw it was regurgitating the egg. I was like: "Holy Cow!" Well! When the egg came out? It was one of the fake eggs! Unbelievable!

Him: Lmbo I'm laughing so hard right now. lollollol well that's what he gets!!!!!! I'm so glad he didn't get your silkie though!!!!

Me: As for where I live NOW? We are on two acres. We have woods all around us! And a hay field on one side. We have a black snake that size that has been seen here last summer. We get Rats and mice and I like that it's here! I'll even let it have an egg from time to time! But I HATE seeing it. Especially when I step into the two girls pit area to clean, feed and change their water. As well as collect their eggs. I keep telling it, it can stay if it will stay out of sight and leave my chickens alone. I had a real bad experience with one several years ago wrapping a Cochin up in it's coils right in front of me as I was reaching in to pick her up. I grabbed snake and chicken and tossed them both thru the air into the light. My husband stepped onto it's head and unraveled our little Peaches. She was okay, but the snake didn't survive.

Him: Omg!!!! Again...super lucky chicken!!!! Them snakes sure do like tormenting you!!!

Me: Jesus! IKR? It's like they see me and make a run over to me! LOOK? You see my shiny slick scales? You wanna touch me, so I can bite you? I was standing under a limb one day talking to my X-husband on the porch. I looked up for whatever reason and within inches of my face was this brown snake with it's belly full of baby birds. OMG! You could have knocked me over with a feather, that is until I ducked and screamed. Another encounter: I heard this kitten crying down in the tree line by the open field. I thought; Oh hell! My sister has gotten another cat? So I walk down to the field to try and find it! But OH NO! It was a huge black snake with a bullfrog hanging out of it's mouth. It was the frog I had heard crying like a kitten! I took off and grabbed my rifle. Ran back only to see the snakes tail crawling into the culvert underneath the main road. I grabbed a long stick and smacked it. That snake came whipping out of that culvert on the attack. I jumped out of the way and it proceeded under the culvert. I HATE snakes! I HATE snakes! I HATE snakes!

Him: Lmaorotf. Omg I'd hide to NEVER come out!!!

Me: LOL I'm so happy I could start your day off with such laughter! :) At my expense I might add!

Him: Lollolollololo. I thank you for sharing such great stories...I'm sorry I'm not laughing at you. Just your story..lollol

They're sneaky little creatures! LOL I have to start searching for a SNAKE when my fake eggs in the nest come up missing!

Me: IK you aren't laughing at me! Glad you got to step into my world of horror for a few minutes! :)

Yes we love our little Ginger! And my God what a loud peeper that girl has on her! I need to hire her out to the fire department to be their siren on their truck!

Jethro is super gentle with all these chickens here! He accidently got one of Sherry's feet underneath the 2x4 on the bottom of the tractor pen while slowly moving the pen to cover a pile of dirt he dumped on the ground for her to dust in. She was squawking and the babies were going crazy too. Then she started tugging fiercely on her leg. I yelled to raise the pen quickly. She just stood there with her foot in the air. Jethro crawled in the pen and got her out to hug her, apologize to her and told me to check her foot! She's okay! She was walking fine last night. Scared the dickens out of the both of us!

Yeah we do way more for them than most PPL do! I make and clean three sleeping areas in the evening time. Then I make their all night sleeping spots. I go thru lots of Viva paper towels! LOL I love to peep under the blanket at Sherry and the babies all stretched out in comfortable positions asleep. Sherry is closest to the ice pack to stay cool under there. The babies love it because they can stay warm and comfortable under the blanket. Sherry is such a tiny little girl she can't cover all three of them at once.

I think of all the years I spent popping pills and getting nothing done around the house. However my chickens were always cared for. I knew they couldn't do for themselves. They usually came first before anything else was done.

Okay! Suns coming up! Time for me to crawl underneath my own comfortable quilts!

Everyone have a clean day!


Tiredofdrugs 04-15-2017 01:32 AM

Hello everyone!

It's with a heavy heart I post this for those that know the stories I've told about our large Maran's Rooster, Marvin! He passed away yesterday afternoon!

I saw him outside beside my barn in the sunshine just standing there yesterday. I stood at the window watching him and he looked up and saw me. He then wobbled towards the house and ended up on the other side of the large gate. I had just gotten up so I yelled for Jethro to go get him. He brought him inside and put him in his carrier. I put the small fan on him and turned the AC down in here because his body was hot. It was 81 degrees yesterday! It was a long time before he finally set down. I was busy and kept checking on him and talking to him. At one point he got up and went to the back of his carrier and laid down in an odd way. He didn't look good at all. I needed to take Tasha and the babies out for a little bit, so I did that. When I came back inside 45 minutes later. He was gone.

I tracked Jethro down, found him in his other barn and thru my tears told him Marvin had passed. Jethro dropped what he was picking up and went to the porch room. I stayed outside. When I finally came inside the porch room? I found Jethro sitting on the floor holding him. He was crying. I handed him a paper towel and went inside. After sitting there for awhile holding him, he got up and put him back in his carrier. He placed a cushion underneath his head. He went inside, got the tractor keys and headed outside. Well the tractor has issues and needed some work. So Marvin is in a bag now inside his carrier in here behind me. Our last night together!

RIP my big boy!


PhoenixJ 04-15-2017 03:40 AM

IT is great to read real stories with life, TOD.

Soberwolf 04-15-2017 05:32 AM


Tiredofdrugs 04-15-2017 08:59 AM


Originally Posted by PhoenixJ (Post 6411413)
IT is great to read real stories with life, TOD.

Thank you Phoenix! You have NO idea what this means to me! :)

Happy Easter to you!


Tiredofdrugs 04-15-2017 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by Soberwolf (Post 6411504)

Hi there Soberwolf! ;)

Happy Easter to you!


sugarangel 04-15-2017 11:38 AM

I am so sorry, TOD.

Tiredofdrugs 04-16-2017 02:23 AM


Originally Posted by sugarangel (Post 6411961)
I am so sorry, TOD.

Thank you sugarangel! He's flying high in the clouds with all his hens he outlived his 7 yrs here on this Earth!

I'm glad he didn't suffer too long! He used to walk in here and jump up into his carrier. But this last week he'd stand at his carrier and wait for us to pick him up and put him in his carrier! We pampered and babied him as much as he would allow us too! ;)


Soberwolf 04-16-2017 05:57 AM

Happy Easter Tod x

PhoenixJ 04-16-2017 07:03 AM

same to you tod- go and watch a cheesy, crappy comedy.

Tiredofdrugs 04-16-2017 01:49 PM


Originally Posted by PhoenixJ (Post 6413200)
same to you tod- go and watch a cheesy, crappy comedy.


We are okay! Jethro is outside with our BIL cutting firewood.

I just got up an hour ago! Will need to get Marvin's cage out of here soon. Too many times I see it makes me miss him even more! :( After his last girl died I was thinking about getting him more when one evening I heard him raising hell on the porch. I went out to see what the commotion was about.

There in his carrier in the pit area was a huge black snake hanging out of his carrier. Holy crapper! His carrier was moved into the porch room which is right beside the pit pen. He's been in here ever since! I'm up all night and this is my room! We kept each other company at night. My silkie hen, Molly would stay out here late too. They would talk back and forth to each other. She just stands and pouts in front of his carrier now! :( So the carrier has to go!

His two hens we got for him a year ago are confused and sitting at the bottom of the steps waiting for him to come out! :( They whine and cry to me when I walk outside. I just tear up and tell them: "I'm sorry!"

Death is part of our life cycle! We get crushed and then we have to start breathing again and dry our tears up! Life is still within ourselves and we have to take care of ourselves in order to care for those that still depend on us! I hear it with every peep and squawk around here! And we just got Tasha two new babies this past Monday! So I'm staying busy and loving on the little ones!

There's also a bunch of baby rabbits running around in the backyard! :)

Peace to everyone on this glorious Day!


sugarangel 04-16-2017 09:46 PM

Oh, TOD. Your post made me want to cry and smile all at the same time. I guess that's what life is, really. Learning how to smile through the pain. I am so happy for your new little ones. They will help you so much through this.
I so understand the loss of a beloved pet, and I am thinking about you.

sugarangel 04-16-2017 09:48 PM

Oh yeah, and when do we get pics of the new babies?? Or did you do that already and I missed it??

Tiredofdrugs 04-17-2017 01:06 AM

Here's the two new babies. No names yet!

Tasha is so in love with these babies that when we take her out to potty she won't leave our feet until they are placed beside her or she's taken back in the house and placed with them. The first night they were here. I handed Jethro a soft fuzzy blanket which he spread out in his lap and then I handed him the babies. He covered them up and put his hand over them for heat. I then took Tasha outside for a little while. I couldn't get her away from my feet and she wouldn't stop clucking. So after she finally pottied I took her to the back door and set her inside the house. She made a beeline, clucking her butt off to the living room where she heard her babies peeping. Jethro uncovered the babies and she climbed in right on top of them. She settled down in the blanket and was happy again. Of course Jethro was in Heaven having 'his girl' and her babies so close to him. Awwww

Sherry's two Barred Rock babies are all legs w/ heavy bodies. They remind me of the movie: "Honey I shrunk the kids". They look like little miniature Ostriches! LOL Ginger is so much smaller than those two. When I uncover them from their sleeping area on the couch to spend some time on the floor to eat and drink before I put them in their all night bed? The two large ones hit the floor with a thud. Little Ginger flies all the way to the food bowls. I asked Jethro several nights ago if he was ready for the circus act? He said: "Huh?" I uncovered them and off they went. When Ginger flew all the way. He said: "Damnnnnnnnnnnn!" I just started laughing!

We were at my younger sister's place yesterday for Easter which her and her husband live on the lake front! I was telling her about the four babies and she told me I could keep them until they were fully grown before bringing them out. If I wanted to? LOL I want to keep them long enough so all four are getting along well. It's a good thing they are hearty chickens! They'll need to be to survive over there. Ginger would stay in the house with us if I'd let her, as far as Jethro is concerned. So I'm hoping she's NOT a runt chicken. Jethro holds her a lot and even let her sleep on his pillow the past couple of nights. It's okay with me. He needs her love to help him heal from us losing Marvin. She's a little sweetheart!

We spent five hours on the lakefront with the family Saturday! There was tons of food to eat. I brought some broccoli cheese soup with extra broccoli. I had my dentures in, but it's hard to eat with them in my mouth. So I stuck to eating what I knew I could handle! ;) I didn't go away hungry. You can betcha I ate some of Mom's homemade apple pie too. I even brought some home! I gave Mom a gift. It's a version of the Bible that you can color in and write down notes on the side of the pages. My older sister bought the colored pencils for her. My younger sister gave her a plant. Everyone spent hours fishing. My older sister's live-in BF caught six large catfish! Everyone else caught a bunch of brim. Hubby and myself didn't have a license so we didn't fish! It's okay with us though! I didn't want to be in the direct sun to fish. It was hot!

And to top the day off! My bottom denture fell on the floor due to the wire getting hung on a string in the towel I had it setting on. It broke! Sigh! Jethro's going to try and glue it together. I'll have another one made when I see the dentist at the end of this month! Thankfully I don't have to pay for one!

This is at my sister and her husband's place Saturday! There's a four year old beautiful little girl asleep underneath that yellow sheet pulled over the two chairs.

This is the book I gave to Mom as a gift!

Sorry for all the different sized pictures!

Everyone have a clean day!


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