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Tiredofdrugs 07-02-2018 09:05 PM

Here's the reason I'm losing sleep! They are 8 weeks old! They will graduate to outside at some point. They are going to be the size of miniature horses! LOL


Tiredofdrugs 07-03-2018 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by Tiredofdrugs (Post 6943852)
Here's the reason I'm losing sleep! They are 8 weeks old! They will graduate to outside at some point. They are going to be the size of miniature horses! LOL


Bear, the black puppy, has a splint on his leg because the woman with the puppies accidentally ran over him early one morning leaving for work. He was underneath her truck. We were only going to get the brown puppy at first, because Jethro kept insisting that's the one he wanted. I wanted the black puppy! But when she told me she ran over him? Jethro said: "Let's go get our puppies!" :)

And I'm SOOOO glad we did! They were completely covered in fleas! The black puppy was dragging himself up and down their porch to eat/drink and then back under the porch according to the woman that had him.

We got them completely free of fleas after an hour of washing and spraying them with Permethrin in the tub. I made them a Vet appointment to get the black puppy's leg x-rayed. It's fractured. The splint has to be redone each week until the Vet is satisfied it's healed. The puppies have been given their first round of shots, worm medicine and a heartworm chewable tablet too. They have been passing so many worms it's heartbreaking to think about the 6 puppies still at that woman's house. I sent Jethro to the Vet yesterday to get them some flea meds too. They are horrible this year. Our big dog outside got flea medicine too. ;)

The black puppy is in excellent care now here at our home. Both puppies are totally happy and playful now. They had no energy and just laid around when they first got here. They weren't very interested in food either with all those worms inside them. But they're eating good now!

So there's the story on how we have two puppies instead of just one! :) And why there's a splint on the black ones leg.


Tiredofdrugs 07-03-2018 02:12 AM

Sitting here reading what I've done for these two puppies? It reminds me of how far I've come! What I've been able to accomplish while staying away from those damned pain pills! If I'd stayed on the amount I was taking in 2005? I wouldn't be here today, to be writing about my life and others in my life! I wouldn't have done as much as I have for so many feathered babies in my life either.

Those pills stripped me of who I really am! A good person! I lived only to take the next handful of pills so I could be in a fog while going thru the day. I still had love for my chickens, but PPL got in my way! I was totally in love and lost in my love affair with the pain pills! When I made the decision to get off the pills? I paid dearly for it! I was a wilted person for 30 days while I CT'ed off them. I didn't sleep for 14 days. I had no energy whatsoever! I lived between the couch, my bed, my bedroom floor and the bathroom. I was determined to stay off those damned pills though!

Slowly I regained my energy and my life back again! I had started taking the pills due to my husband! He was mentally and physically abusing me. After regaining myself as a human being again and not just a pill machine? I took the steps to GET OUT! And that's exactly what I did. I lived for years under his ruling thumb. And I let it happen because I chose pain pills over getting out.

I was off the pills for two years. Then I got injured and needed surgery. I fought the VAH for a year to get my surgery though. And there I was back on the pain meds again. I finally got my surgery and went off the pills as soon as I could. So thru the years because of medical reasons? I was using them on and off! But come this Saturday? I'll have 4 years off of them! ;)

On 7-7-2014 I began my new chapter in life off the pills. I spent the first week sitting on the couch looking out the window at the cars driving past and knew I had missed out on so much. The world was passing me by! And I was the idiot that let it happen by living in that foggy world I'd been in. But I stuck with the misery of the detoxing and w/d's to get thru it! And once I was thru it? My eyes were open and my brain was clear! I WAS BACK! And it felt so damned good!

So don't ever give up on trying to get off your DOC! Sure I lost things and PPL along the way! What addict doesn't? But I don't dwell on it! As my mom likes to tell everyone: "TOD just don't care!" LOL And she's right! I've been thru hell and back in many ways. The life I live now? Is a life where I'm in control of it! The pills don't control me anymore!

So think where you can be in a month if you got off your DOC? It took you years to get where you are now on your DOC. If you need medical help to get clean? Then seek it out!


Tiredofdrugs 07-07-2018 12:38 AM

Hello everyone!

Four years ago I went off the pain meds on 7-7-2014! There's only been one time I've taken them since then. That was back in December 2016 when I had oral surgery to get a complete partial on the bottom of my mouth and a complete upper denture! It was a real test to take them again! But there's times in a recovering addicts life? They are needed! The important thing is to have the willpower to get off them again! ;)

May everyone have a clean day!


Timebuster 07-11-2018 02:55 PM

OMG, I want one of those puppies.

I'm glad they're ok, and in loving hands.


Tiredofdrugs 07-12-2018 01:40 AM


Originally Posted by Timebuster (Post 6951527)
OMG, I want one of those puppies.

I'm glad they're ok, and in loving hands.


There's 6 left TB! ;) They're going to be miniature ponies when they're done growing! :) LOL They are very smart and already respond to simple commands! They love me! I play with them, scratch their bellies and find them things to chew on! One of them, probably the brown one, got underneath my desk and chewed up my new speaker wires. Ugh! Thankfully Jethro can repair them!

Jethro keeps saying: "Your dogs!" I tell him: "Our dogs!" LOL This usually happens when they are yodeling early in the morning to go outside to potty! We are like two ships passing in the early morning hours now. I've already taken them outside, since they sleep in my bedroom, when Jethro appears outside. I say: "They're yours now! I'll fix their food and then I'm going back to bed!" He says: "Goodnight!" Old folks! LOL


Tiredofdrugs 07-12-2018 02:09 AM

Hello everyone!

The weather here is unbearable! I keep the chickens in the house until an hour before dark now. I turn them out, do a quick cleaning of their carriers and then they appear at the door with wings held out and beaks wide open panting. :( I'll be so glad when this heatwave disappears. That 80 degrees? That's the ceiling temps here in the porch room and that's with the water outside being run across the roof. The window unit in here is set on 64 and I also have a box fan on the carriers! Sick of this heat!

Poor Jethro has two/three back teeth that need repairing. One of them is hurting him badly! He went to see a dentist yesterday and walked out laughing! They want damned near $20,000.00 to fix them! Crowns, bridges, etc. And to just pull the bad one? It's damned near $350.00! Gonna look for a Dental School to see if they see patients? That's who I went to back in the 80's in S.C. to have my wisdom teeth extracted. ;)

His knee he had surgery on back in Feb is also hurting him too. I've been telling him to call his damned doctor and make an appointment. He just gets angry and I leave him to his misery! Can't lead a horse to water and make it drink! He's stubborn as his Italian self allows him to be too! You hear me TB?

Sadly I'm still smoking! Sigh! But at least I've cut back on them! I'll get this behind me one day! Just got too much snit on my plate right now to settle down enough to deal with it. I've stopped drinking the Baileys though! ;) I've already lost weight thanks to not drinking so much milk or the Baileys also. I really think stopping the Baileys and the thought of stopping smoking too? It was too much at once to deal with!

I talked with the debt relief group yesterday. My creditors have all been reached. Now the haggling over what they want will begin! Sigh! And due to them talking to my creditors? The phone calls and mail has doubled. I was told this would happen though. They'll try to settle for more with me than thru the debt relief group! My nerves are being stretched, but I'll deal with it one day at a time.

Everyone have a clean day!


Tiredofdrugs 05-08-2019 11:28 PM

Itís been awhile since Iíve posted!

I come back here tonight to sadly post the news of my 22 year old nephew passing away earlier in the year! I talked about him a lot and all the problems I had with him due to his drinking and drugging in March last year while he stayed with us.

He had learned a new game! 😞 Eject the clip out of his pistol, eject the bullet from his clip, slam the clip back into his pistol, put the barrel to his temple and pull the trigger! 😱

He was drinking, smoking marijuana and had taken klonapins (sp)! He got too messed up to remember to eject the bullet! He had ran inside, told his roommate to watch this and before his roommate could turn around from the stove where he was cooking them supper? The pistol blasted the side of my nephews head off! 😭

RIP my young nephew! 💔


suki44883 05-08-2019 11:52 PM

Oh, TOD, I am so, so sorry. God bless you and all who loved him. Just so, so sad.

Dee74 05-09-2019 12:35 AM

I'm very sorry for your loss TOD.


tbeit 06-11-2019 06:54 AM

So sorry to read this my friend. Sorry I'm so late I dont come here like I used to and from the looks of things nobody else does either. I lost your # I tried to text you a few months ago. Text me if you still have mine. Again sorry about your nephew its a sad thing.

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