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Others may disagree, but if what you are doing gives you peace then you have my blessing. The way I see it is that it leaves you in control of the money, which you need, and gives you enough peace to make your own plan to remove yourself from this situation.

I don't reacall from your other posts, but if you do not already go to Al-Anon, I would suggest it. It will help you get your balance and keep yourself sane. If you are planning to leave, which it appears you are, having live support available is also a wonderful thing. I think that removing yourself from this whole situation is a healthy choice.

You clearly recognize the emotional abuse you are being sujected to, and looking after yourself and your son should be a number one priority.

The way I see it is that you continue the way you are right now and have peace, or cut off his supply and have chaos and rage.
I'll take peace anyday.

Sending hugs and prayers. Just keep doing what feels right for you and keep yourself safe.
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