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Hi all! NL, I'm so sorry because I wasn't thinking about the nature of child welfare work, so many are definitely heroes! I've seen a lot of posts about teachers, and how parents should be very patient because they have their own families to worry about as they are trying to figure out things like distance learning, and comments like "don't worry about homeschooling, just enjoy your children," which is obviously true and important. But then I think about how the general public would never make that case for people in social services roles, partly because of the emergency/true life or death nature of serving those who are most vulnerable, but probably also because the people who need them don't always have a voice. Like teachers and public safety are in a totally different class of government worker, if that makes sense (stepping off my soapbox now, haha!) On another note, I'm so glad you had a good day with the family yesterday. This struggle over screens is one of the absolute WORST, isn't it?

Scotty, this is all so surreal, and I'm so interested in learning about how this is being handled in other countries. In my part of the US, we can move freely and some businesses are open, but we're only supposed to go places that we really need to (mostly grocery stores). It will be interesting to see if and when that changes, as our cases of the virus are increasing daily.

NC, it's great to see you drive through, and I hope you're hanging in there, friend!

The weather here is very gray and gloomy, which really has an impact on my overall mood. Yesterday was kind of productive, but I definitely felt very restless and anxious most of the time. In other news, I was offered the new job and I accepted! The idea of giving my notice over the phone and to someone other than my direct supervisor (she has cancer and recently had two surgeries) is really weighing on me. Gotta go, more later!
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