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Hi there

Hi all I am new. I just found this section for family members of alcoholics. I am a alcoholic myself and have quit after 3 years. Problem is my hubby just kept up at it. Heís a high functioning alcoholic that could easily drink all day if allowed. I had let that behavior go for a long time until I said enough was enough. I just couldnít let it go on and now alcohol is not allowed in the house like it once was. You see...we have kids and I just cant let them grow up that way. I just wanted to reach out. I see that a lot of you refer to tools in dealing with alcoholics and I want to learn some of these. Like hate the drink not the drinker? Maybe Iím making that one up. Itís so hard just to hate the alcohol alone when the drinker is so rude and narcissistic when drunk. I am giving myself a little more time with him to see where this is going. We went to counseling and the counselor gently encouraged him to examine his relationship with alcohol. Heís a great provider, sharp as a whip, friendly and fun. This is all true but looks are deceiving and thereís so much more beneath the surface. I hope to gain some insight and real knowledge about this problem. It hurts everyone and I get frustrated that his decisions impact all of us.

Thanks for reading
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