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Originally Posted by NavelGazebo View Post
Do we introduce ourselves in a post, here? I am new and trying to figure it out. I have 23 days sober under my belt. I was in the detox unit of the hospital for a week in Mid-Feb after a trip to the ER, because I knew I needed to end a month long binge. I was a mess, drinking 2 or 3 bottles of wine a day. The thing is, nothing triggered this binge other than boredom. I just started drinking more and more...

All my adult life I struggled but this year it really escalated along with depression and anxiety. So, after that detox and hospital stay, finally clean, I realized I had my whole life still ahead of me (I'm 47, so, you know, hopefully still some life left). This is the scariest part. How to live this new life?

I am often depressed and ANGRY at myself for getting so out of hand. I am bitter sometimes. I still crave wine or cocktails at restaurants. At home with my husband I feel OK, but socializing brings intense cravings whiny fits, self-pity, anger. I try to hold it in.

I am going to some AA meetings and while I enjoy listening to the experiences of other members, I am an atheist and I just can't conceive of a higher power.

I'm just trying to figure out where to go from here and how to adapt to this new sober life. I welcome any advice and new friends. I don't have anyone to talk to besides my husband - about my recovery. Although I will start counseling soon. I'd just love to connect online with some experienced folks.

Thank you for reading.

You mentioned boredom right at the beginning of your post being the reason for binge drinking.
The trick is to listen to yourself as most things people write hold the deep clues as to 'why' in the first few words!

So what to do to beat boredom?
Well I could sit and write a thousand things but still could be a shot in the dark.
What did you like doing when you were younger? Their must of been things you enjoyed as a kid or teenager for example.

Maybe you like dancing, cheerleading etc etc etc and this is where you could focus your mind.
By becoming a coach for example.

My daughter did trampolining when she was young, I took her along initially and became involved with the club, did a 2 day course and am now a fully qualified coach LoL. I even learnt to do doubleback somersaults at 46.

The thing is try and find something you once enjoyed doing, and bring it back into your life now.
It will give you a reason and sense of being, as the depression and anxiety has come along later in life this will hopefully help push them away as well instead of killing boredom with drink and blocking out your true feelings!

Good luck!
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