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Okay, that is ..weird. I posted kind of a long entry on Sunday and now it's not here.

Very odd.

Okay, whatever.
So its Monday.
Kind of had a good Mothers Day. Hubby forgot to get me a present so he kind of made it up to me by cleaning upstairs. Vacuumed, dusted, cleaned the bathrooms thoroughly.
I rested because I was dead tired. I didn't sleep well the night before as I woke up at around 130a and didn't go back to sleep till about 4am. Uggh.
Then we treated ourselves with clams and crabcakes for lunch and I think maybe one of the clams were bad because I wasn't feeling the greatest later on.
So I lay down for a bit and read a book.
Did find something that I'm very excited about. DH and I love playing games on his PS3 like Resident Evil and we noticed there is a new game out called "The Last of Us"
Its about a fungus that actually exists in real life but normally it infects insects and then causes the insects to just act oddly and then finally die where there are other insects of that same species so the fungus can then spread to other insects. Well this fungus instead in the game infects humans and then of course it becomes a teotwawki (the end of the world as we know it), and two characters, an older man and a younger girl have to survive amidst fighting military fema like camps, the infected in all varieties of stages and what not. Looks good, can't wait for it to come out!
Comes out next month.
Wanna hear something funny?
Okay this past weekend I got my first Klutch club box! YAY!
One of the items in there was a hangover kit that I guess you put in water and makes you feel better.
So DS picks up the black box with colorful markings all over it this morning and asks "is this ammo Mama?"
I looked at what he had picked up and laughed and answered "no, sweetie, thats for when adults drink too much alcohol and it makes them feel sick the next morning. Mama doesn't need it now because of course, I don't drink and Daddy probably won't need it anytime soon"
He accepts this with a nod and I turn back to making a snack for myself at work when I hear him say behind me "you should give it to Grandma, maybe she can use it"
OMG Too funny.
I think our DS is now growing too. He was complaining about his legs this morning.
Oh and he's very proud of himself with his bike. I warned him after though.
I didn't want to scare him but I wanted him to keep this in mind.
I told him "sweetie, just remember. YOU WILL FALL. It will happen from time to time" hubby piped in and said he had fallen, A LOT and I nodded and said, I too have fallen many times from my bike and while it is scary when it happens and it hurts and yes, you do get cuts and bruises it does happen.
But then I told him "the most important thing is, first come to Mama, I'll put bandaids on your ouchies and make you feel better. But then next, get right back up and start to ride your bike again. Don't make your fear of falling make you stop"
I hope he keeps that in mind.
I don't want to raise a wimp. LOL
Well have a few things I need to accomplish this morning, so gotta run.

Still here and still sober!
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