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Here's a good exercise: think of all the things you do to drink alcohol. Do you spend more money than you should? Do you lie to people? Do you hide alcohol? Do you lie about hangovers? Do you not get as much done b/c you are drinking or hungover? Etc, etc.

Now imagine if you had a buddy who was doing all this crazy stuff for a girl or a job. Spending cash, worn out, lying, completely controlled. You'd think he was in real trouble, right? Well, when we realize all of the nutty stuff we do for a drink, we should realize we are already in trouble. It's just a drink, how does it have so much control over us? It's just not worth it. It's not love, or dreams, or anything meaningful, right?

You are young and don't need to waste years and life. The first time I logged onto to SR, it took 3 years before I finally quit, and those were tough years. I wish I had them back sometimes.
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