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Thank you... I got something from each and every one of you.

We had an arguement tonight. One of his AA guys witnessed it (pretty rare that anyone sees this side of him)..
He wanted to know why the dishwasher wasn't run.
My answer, A. it wasn't full, last time I ran it 1/2 full I heard about it for an hour.
B. Two of the 3 kids were in the shower. Not enough hot water for everything at once.

He argued that he filled it last night...
so why didn't I run it earlier today
and he didn't SEE any new dishes...implying I was lying about it not being full.

Stupid me started pointing out what dishes I had put in there today...explaining "this is the bowl I mixed the meatballs in. this is the coffee cup I used tonight ..blah blah blah..and then I like snapped.

I asked him "why am I explaining this to you anyway?????"
and he yells at me....."because I asked you a question"

I went over the edge... I don't know who the hell he thinks he is...

I yelled that I don't have to explain anything. What the hell does he think? that I'm lying about filling the dishwasher? I'm not a moron and he damn well better quit treating me like one.

I was ticked.
Over the dishes.

I REALLY need to get the hell outta here....he is driving me crazy.
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