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[QUOTE=GettingBy;2975725]Well, that's pretty cut and dry... You've told him you don't want the drinking, he said he's going to keep drinking. He doesn't want to talk about it anymore, and honestly, I don't blame him. It is what it is.

Really? You don't blame him for not wanting to talk about it 'anymore'? We didn't talk about it at all! If there was an 'argument' it was one he had with himself. I remember he'd seriously try to bait me with an 'argument' and when I'd go on to do something else and not engage, he'd walk out slamming the door. Then, if his mom called or something, she'd say, "Where's ----?" And I'd say, "I don't know, he got into a fight with himself and left for awhile."

That's the insanity of this whole thing. He makes it sound so different than reality.

This is just another way of him trying to tell his family, "She's righteous and someone drinking around her precious child is just not good enough, so she made me leave."

And that is simply not true. (My child has been around social drinking his whole life). The truth is that I didn't want my child watching someone he loves slowly and purposefully killing himself and fighting with himself the entire time. I don't want my child saying, "I wanted to play a game/go somewhere/do something, but ABF is passed out/can't drive/is too hung over"

I'm not arguing with him, and I won't even continue that conversation with him. At all. It's not my style to keep it going. I didn't even reach out to talk to him at all, and I don't plan to.

I still love him, and I think it's ok to love someone from afar. But, I'm not trolling the waters for fresh fish or anything either, so I'm not prepared or ready to call him an "Ex". I don't even call my former husband that.

He just moved out. I'm working on healing. I don't think any kind of definition about our relationship is helpful at this time. I will need time on this, and I will take the time I need.
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