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Can't swim either!
Live, you hit on something with me.
My father's rules kept changing! We didn't know which way was up!
2 of his most commonly used phrases;
"whether I am right or wrong, I am right anyway" OK then.
"When I say "yes", i mean "no" and when I say "no", I mean "yes". WTF!!!!!!
We did actually "learn" the rules pretty well though.
When everything you do or say is a potential landmine, you give up or you rebel.
I rebelled, but then I rebelled at all authority. And just to cap it off, I became very particular myself about seemingly simple things. You should see my face when someone slams a car-door!
I also developed "battle-fatigue"! Ha!
Remember that Julia Roberts movie? "Sleeping with the enemy"? Great example, but people who did not live with it would have no comprehension I think.
Anyhoo, Yehhh to our freedom and being a person in our own right. Using our own compass to navigate life instead of some lala's!
ps, Did you guys know, there is a correct "direction" to sweep the floor? Yea, you want to watch that one, very important. LOL
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