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How to deal with an enabler?

When I first left my AH my MIL was very supportive. In fact she really encouraged me to leave and we have been talking weekly about how things are going. However as things have declined with AH and I she has turned into an enabler extraordinaire.

Iíve come to a point in my relationship where I know heís not going to change and I simply canít go back to living the way things were, but Iím not really to pull the plug and get divorced quite yet. I turned off my text messaging from him because I would receive 10 a day and he was using it as his only means of communicating important things with me. We also rarely talk and when we do it strained and forced.

On Friday MIL calls and asks me to talk to AH about going to rehab. I considered it for a second and then decided against it, been there done that already. Then yesterday MIL calls again this time to give me a message from AH that he will be transferring money that he owes me into my account and that she thinks I should consider turning my texts back on. Ok great super excited to get $$, if it shows. But HELLO you have your mommy call your wife!! @#[email protected]$! @$%!#%!&

I got a bit short with her and she said that he didnít want to call because heís been sober for a couple of days and talking to me is always strained and nerve-racking. Plus heís always calling me and I never call [email protected]#[email protected]$! @$%!#%!&

The whole thing left me totally miserable and feeling like a guilty piece of [email protected]&%# that doesnít care about her AH. Luckily I have a bit more perspective this morning, but Iím still feeling guilty and I know there are going to be more conversations with her to follow. How do you suggest I deal with her?
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