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All In the Family

Well I was talking to my cousin, who happens to be a social worker, about my father. She asked how things were around the house, and they have been crazy lately so I told her. She asked why, and was it a two way street, am I provoking him etc. I said I'm sure it goes two ways because he is an alcoholic who refuses to change, and I'm not properly dealing with my resentment and am still trying to detatch. She said that she doesn't think he is truly addicted because at my grandmother's wake he told her that he had gone a week without drinking. She said that this proves that he is not truly addicted, and also because he does not shake, have seizures, and other withdrawal symptoms. I got so frustrated the only thing I could do was end the conversation.

I don't understand how someone who specializes in helping other people wouldn't know more about alcoholism in general. I can't say I know much about social work, but I thought that they would have at least touched on the subject. It seemed like all she was doing was shooting me rationalizations. Then I began to wonder if maybe she had an alcohol problem herself, and if this is why. I always see her with a drink in her hands at family functions, never have I not. I'm going on a family trip soon and was a little nervous and her advice was to have a few drinks, as it always calms her nerves. It just really stands out to me, but maybe because I seem to be unintentionally holding people under a microscope lately...
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