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Hello Randi! Welcome! I'm just ahead of you on the sobriety is Day 12 for me.

I get that anxious feeling starting at about 4:00, or when I'm heading into the kitchen to start dinner. I have been drinking a TON of ice water. The habitual part of drinking is very real to me, and I was used to having a large glass of vodka & water that I would "sip" (more like chug) on while I was cooking. I could down half of a bottle in that 2 hour time frame.

Sometimes I'm just plain hungry so I'll snack on an orange or avocado, or some mini carrots. Anything to keep my mouth busy while I work. Don't let yourself get too hungry. Make sure you're getting enough protein and stay away from sugary junk food as it will make the cravings worse.

You can do this. We can do this.
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