Hello..New here!

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Hello..New here!

Hi all!
Well, this is the very first time...I've finally decided enough was enough. I am 5 days into this sobriety thing and it feels great! I also gave up smoking at the same time. During the day I feel great and then around happy hour time I start to feel super anxious....almost like I don't know what to do with myself. I thought maybe a forum such as this and sharing with others in the same boat might help me to understand how to deal with this better. Anyway..just wanted to say hello!
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Hi Randi,


I think a lot of us, me included, use alcohol to help ease anxiety. Before long, the alcohol increased my anxiety instead of helping me, but I couldn't let it go. Try to plan to be doing something specific at that time of the day - call someone, go out for a walk, play with a pet, anything to help distract you.

I'm glad you found us!
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Hello Randi! Welcome! I'm just ahead of you on the sobriety is Day 12 for me.

I get that anxious feeling starting at about 4:00, or when I'm heading into the kitchen to start dinner. I have been drinking a TON of ice water. The habitual part of drinking is very real to me, and I was used to having a large glass of vodka & water that I would "sip" (more like chug) on while I was cooking. I could down half of a bottle in that 2 hour time frame.

Sometimes I'm just plain hungry so I'll snack on an orange or avocado, or some mini carrots. Anything to keep my mouth busy while I work. Don't let yourself get too hungry. Make sure you're getting enough protein and stay away from sugary junk food as it will make the cravings worse.

You can do this. We can do this.
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Hi Randi, and welcome! I'm just at 4 weeks without the booze, but the first couple weeks I found that I really needed to be in a meeting during those hours when I would usually drink heavily. (AA has helped me, but I hear it's not for everyone.) So I would find myself in a meeting at 5:45 (sometimes I'd go to the 4:00 and stay straight through) at at the 10:00pm meetings on weekdays and 11:00pm meetings on weekends. I'm in Atlanta, and the clubhouse I attend has late-night meetings during those times when many people would be at bars. I'm lucky, as in Atlanta there are 1200 meetings a week to choose from.

Hope you can find a way to fill that time. Coming here helps. Thanks for joining us!
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Thanks for the warm welcome!
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Welcome to SR! You will find tons of support and information here. What usually helps for me is to come on here when I am anxious or during the evenings which used to be drinking time. I usually don't have them when I am out and about now just in the evenings when I would drink.

All the best!!
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to SR! Congrats on choosing sobriety. It takes some effort but is really worth it.
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April 18, 2010
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Hi Randi -- Just want to say hi too. I'm on day five as well. I'm feeling better in a lot of ways but, like you, sometimes very anxious during normal drinking times. Good luck!
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